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2009 Summer Sunrise Watermelon 4-Race SeriesRACE #1: JUNE 6  RACE#2: JUNE27

RACE #3: JULY 25 RACE#4: AUG 22

This is me after the 4th race of the series. Finished 8th in my age division 30-34.
I.m in the hat and the clock is malfunctioning! It should say 27:00, I was sprinting for a sub 27:00 5K........and
I didn't get it 27:01 was my time in Race #4

This is me coming through on the 3rd race for a sub 28 min 5K.

This was race #2. I ended up with a slower time than Race#1, I had 2 glasses of wine the night before.......never again!! I'm behind the girl in the pink!!
I look a bit winded!!
This was the first race of the series. My form is terrible and I look so out of shape. If you compare this one to the race #3 and 4 pics, my form seems to get better as the summer progresses!!


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