5 Miles! I Did It!!

So I ran my "long" run on Saturday and I completed 5 miles for the first time ever in my 34 years here on Earth! I was so excited! So excited that I celebrated at Five Guys with a huge cheesburger and fries (probably not the smartest move but it was oh sooooo yummy).
Woke up feeling good, grabbed a slice of wheat bread with peanut butter and half a banana ( at least I started the day on a healthy note) and headed out the door. My neighbor had called the night before and said she also wanted to attempt the 5 mile run! I was happy to have someone with me, but worried that if she couldn't finish, I might feel guilty to keep going!
Well we started running with a goal of 11:00 minutes/mile (many of you are probably thinking, wow this girl's slow), we did this because my "long" run goal at this point is just to finish the miles and not worry so much about pace!
Not only did we both finish the 5 miles, but my neighbor finished ahead of me (she said that is where she likes to run because she feels like I am literally pushing her along), I am so proud of the both us. She has no intention of running the half marathon with me, but I keep telling her that if she keeps upping her mileage with me, she will have no choice!!LOL!
Anyway, I had to change the "about me" because it said my long runs are 4 miles, NOT!!! I'm headed for 5.5 miles next week and feeling confident for the first time ever in my running. I'm also going to tackle my first speed training session so any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Saturday, August 8,2009
Total Miles - 5.00
Average Pace -11:06
Total Time - 55:33

Mile 1: 11:42
Mile 2: 11:26
Mile 3: 10:55
Mile 4: 11:08
Mile 5: 10:18


  1. CONGRATS!! If you feel this good at 5 imagine how 10 will feel. I still remember my first double digit run (it was not that long ago) and smile.. Great work. So nice to have a running partner so close..

  2. way to go! that's awesome. it's always nice to hit a milestone! :D Look forward to hearing about 5.5 miles!


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