6 Miles and a New September Schedule!!

I finished 6 miles Saturday Night and had my first run that went over 1 hour!!

Unfortunately I lost all power to my IPhone mid run so my stats didn't quite come through!
I' m pretty sure we finished 6.0 miles in 1hour 8 minutes. Not too shabby!!

I spent the weekend in Naples, FL with my best friend Shani. She is awaiting the results of her final round of In Vitro Fertilization ( follow her journey at http://nobunintheovenyetikeepcooking/) and she needed someone to keep her company while she stayed off her feet and rested. I volunteered and had a great weekend. Although I missed my hubby and kids, I really needed the break! We got massages, pedi's, mani's and went to Julia & Julie!! Such a great girl's weekend!

Not related to running, but too funny not to mention was our trip to get massages!! Shani tells me that her husband Britt has scheduled massages for us and that they were a special, 1 hour for $30!! She says that she has no idea what to expect! So we go and this homemade sign is the first thing we see. We are a bit worried at this point, but what the hell, how bad can a massage really be??

It only gets more hilarious as the hour goes on, Shani gets a great massage from a guy and says she will definately go back, I on the other hand, end up with "Hermie", a very small woman who doesn't speak very much English. She was extremely nice and pleasant, but her hands were half the size of mine and had very little muscle behind them. On top of that, was the fact that the table had a malfunctioning head holder and my head kept practically falling of the table. Then she would tell me " ohhhh sorry, your brain is very heavy" in her cute little accent, I was dying!!!

She also kept running her fingers through my hair, all the way to the ends, it was creeping me out a bit! And she did part of the massage through a towel that was laying over me, nothing like having terry cloth massaged into your skin! Needless to say, The story is much funnier when I tell it in person and Shani said she hadn't laughed that hard in a long time! We were both crying in the car on the way home, we were laughing so hard!!!

Saturday, after the movie, Shani and I headed over to Sport's Authority and I bought a brand new pair of Mizuno Waverider 12's and wore them on my 6 mile run Saturday night, love them!! No leg soreness at all. Full review to come after I do some speedwork and a tempo run ( my first ) this week!!

Yes, I have my September schedule from my mentor/coach Bryan and it looks challenging. More and faster speed work, hills, and tempo runs and by the end of the month, 7.5 miles ! Yikes! Excited and nervous! May be reaching out to all my bloggy friends for advice this month!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


  1. Oh man! It was funny even in writing! That is horrible and hilarious at the same time! Thank goodness it was only 30 bucks!! And that heavy brain of yours! Jeeze!!!!

    Great job on your 6! And 7.5 by the end of the month! You'll be ready! don't stress or worry yet! Have faith in your training, you know you are working hard!!!

  2. I'm laughing so hard as I'm reading this! You did a good job with the story! I'm trying to get the energy up to update my blog but I'm feeling so BLAH since you're gone and now Britt, too. Test was still negative this am, but not surprising since it's still early. I'm trying to keep positive and busy but it's hard! Anyway, the new blog style looks great and I hope you guys had a fun day yesterday after you got home. I took a 3 hour nap :)! xoxoxoxo


Thanks so much for your comments today!
I love the advice from all my blog friends, you are all much appreciated!!!!
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