Another Giveaway!!!

Okay so I have another announcement on a giveaway! I just started my blog this week so no giveaways yet, but I've decided to help others promote theirs!! It may help someone score a neat gift or just connect them to another blog that may give them just the inspiration, laugh, or information they are looking for at that moment in time!
Us bloggers need to stick together!
So Candice over at is giving away a $15 gift card to Sports Authority that can be used in store or online! I think everyone could use that! Check out her blog and enter her giveaway!!


  1. Thanks for sending people to Candice.. She LOVES to have REaders..

  2. You're probably still out (It's 9pm) - I just got in from a 4 mile walk with Britt and now he's back out for another 4 mile run! You guys seem to be on the same path... I'm so proud of you and of this commitment you've made to YOURSELF for a change! Let's keep our fingers crossed for a great rest-of-the-year for both of us - we deserve it!!! Love you, Shani


Thanks so much for your comments today!
I love the advice from all my blog friends, you are all much appreciated!!!!
Happy Running and Happy Living!!