How in the world does the word "easy" become a word used in the vocabulary of a runner? Maybe I am just too new at this, but I just don't ever say the word "easy" and "run" in the same sentence! I have a training schedule for my first 1/2 marathon and it has the word "easy" on it 15 times just in the month of August alone. I went out for my 3 mile "easy" run this morning at 5:50AM, and although it wasn't hard, it still wasn't "easy". Sad, but true.
I love running, in the short time frame that I have been running, I have come to enjoy a good run, I have made it from a 1/2 mile of running and being totally out of breath to 4 miles of running and not out of breath, so I am improving, but its just still not "easy"!
I dream of the day I get back from a run and say, "wow, that was easy!" I hope that day is not too far away.........now back to work and then to get new running shoes, the Asics Cumulus Gel 11's are on their way back to the store, my feet feel very suffocated and they make my quads and feet ache like crazy! I think I want to try the Adidas Adizero Boston's, any suggestions or reviews ???


  1. Best advice for shoes is to get fitted at your local running store...you will pay more for your first pair but your legs and feet will thank you..

    TRUST Me it WILL get easier.. You will have good running days and bad running days but for the most part training will be easy. You are in the early stages of training and building your endurance. Eventually you will find that you are done with your run and feel you could have gone further. Keep going and believe that your body will take you amazing places..

    YIPPEE I am your first Follower!!

  2. I love this post. It never feels "easy" in the beginning, does it? I'm not even sure it feels easy after years of running. It's all relative I suppose. My easy runs are all those that aren't speed/tempo/intervals. My easy runs are my bread and butter runs.

    I'm excited to start following your blog. I'm the same way, I LOVE reading everyone's blogs.


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