Holy Hotness!!!

And no, I am not talking about me when I run, although I did look a bit HOTT in my green, black and white Nike running outfit when I left the house this morning for an easy 3 before heading out of town.

Got about .2 miles in and my dog was getting way overheated, fast. Pause RunKeeper to take him back home. This is Shilo, our 4 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. We have recently found out he is about 85% to 95% blind so we are headed to the Doggie Opthamologist next week! He used to love to play frisbee and catch but he can't see them anymore so I try to take him on my runs but he poops out fast!!!

.4 miles in, text from Shani, my best friend, who I am headed out of town to see in a couple of hours, forgot to call her beforehand to tell her when I was leaving...Pause Run Keeper, stand in the heat, text her back, tell her I'm coming soon, after I finish this miserable run!

1.7 miles in, phone is ringing, it's mom - to answer or not to answer, not sure how not to, so

* me -HELLO MOM!! (breathe, breathe, gasp, breathe)

*mom- Hey, are you driving???

*me- Breathe, breathe, gasp, gasp, breathe.....No!

*mom - Oh....Your running again??? (Love the tone when se says "AGAIN??". my family supports me bu thinks I'm crazy!!)

*me - Yep! (breathe, breath, dying of heat on side of road so let me go so I can finish, breathe, gasp)

*mom- Okay - Call me later!

Hang up - reset Run Keeper, made it to 2.2 miles at my front door and gave up.......tooo hot outside!! Now I know why I run before sun up or after sun down!!!!!!

Weather at 8:45AM in sunny Central Florida this morning: 83 ( feels like 87) with 85% humidity!!!!!

Kind of bummed that I gave up before 3 but oh when I walked through the door and the A/C hit my face.......I came back to my senses, saw my bags on the counter to head to Naples and guess what, I'm okay with it...... I have 6 on either Saturday evening or Sunday with Shani's husband, it will be my longest yet! Wish me luck ( hope it's not too hot)!!


  1. Shilo is so cute! I hope the Doc can help him play Frisbee again!
    I'm cracking up that you actually picked up the phone to talk! haha. I don't think I can multitask like that.

  2. check, check, 1..2..3...

    Just seeing if this works. So glad you're here! Love you!


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