I Did It! I Did it! New 5K PR!!!

Yes, I am doing the Cabbage Patch right now, don't laugh, you know you do it every now and then, and it is well deserved!!

My goal for my 5K today was to finish in 27:30 and guess what I did...........................

I finished at somewhere between 26:55 and 27:02!!! The official race results are not in yet! My last PR was 27:48 so I rocked it.

I think I am becoming a superstitious runner, woke up and had half banana and a half an Arnold Sandwhich Thin with peanut better! Same thing I did on the last 3 races, go to the bathroom once, oh wait again, okay maybe one more time for good measure......used my old shoes, same ones I ran the last 3 races in, cuz I was scared the new ones might mess me up even though I've been running in them for a couple of weeks.

I tried in everyway possible to psych myself out, but then I told myself, "self, you can do this, you will meet your goal, focus!!! I checked my Runkeeper on a regular basis to make sure I was on pace especially at the 1/4 mile marks, I had never done this before and it really help!

Believe it or not.... all negative splits!
finish .01 - 7:26

The official times are not in - Runkeeper said 27:02, my eyes looking up at the clock as I passed under it said 26:59 and I am hoping the race results are also sub 27:00!! I'll keep you posted!

Here I am in my new race hat. This is the first hat giveaway that I've received and although I am not a big fan of red and white, I love the way it fits!!

One last thing before I go:
What is up with the weird and down right annoying things I see during a race, do you guys see them too??? Today as I was running along, I saw a young girl with a long blonde ponytail, she had a certain swing to her gait, and she was dressed all in pink, as I got closer and her ponytail was doing that side to side swing, I got the biggest whif of very strong strawberry smell. The girl not only looked like a strawberry but she smelled like one.....weird, passed her and moved on so as not to be down wind for long, the strawberry smell was way too much.
Next I saw a father and son, the son was maybe 11 or 12, I was approaching the 2 mile marker and going at a pretty good pace and then I start to pass the duo when I realize the boy is wheezing and gagging and darn near tears and his moron father is saying " look , we are at 2 miles, just one more to go, come on, keep running!" I was completely appalled, I wanted to cause a huge scene, but I did not want to mess up my mojo, but the poor kid. His father was yelling at him and the kid looked like he was going to pass out, I was so pissed off....... Tell me what you guys have seen on your runs or races that intrigue you, annoy you, or make you laugh.


  1. I remember a race I did last September. It was 70 degrees or so but since it was "fall", people had to bust out their "fall clothes". I was super-confused. People were running in tights and long sleeve Under Armour, and then gasping at mile 2. Insane.

    Other than that, there are always the people who have the Gu packs/snacks/etc. and throw their trash on the course when they could easily just hold on to it til the next water stop.

  2. Congrats on your PR girl! That is awesome.

    I haven't ever passed Strawberry Shortcake but I did get my butt kicked by an 11 year old before. (Ok maybe he was 9, but I am just gonna go with 11 so I feel better.)

  3. Great Job! I'm so glad you reached your PR! We seem to be about the same schedule! Keep it up!


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