I've been tagged, and here is my heart!!

I was tagged by Melanie over at http://tallmomontherun.blogspot.com/. This took much longer than I thought but I learned a bit about posting pics, etc.....
The tag reads: "with as much creativity as you can muster, show your heart in: a picture, poem, a song (or piece of music), a phrase (or quote), an item of clothing, a place, and (just for fun) a Disney princess

This picture definately represents my heart. This is my family including my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, my precious boys and my husband. Since this picture, my sister had a sweet baby girl, my niece Addyson so I am adding another picture below, because she is just so sweet I want to kiss her face off!!!lol!

Most of you probably won't even know this song, but it is the song that I danced to at my wedding with my wonderful husband. This song, no matter where I am when I hear it, always gives me goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes. I love my husband sooooo much and he is so very supportive in everything I do in life! So this song definately has my heart............Danny's Song by Kenny Loggins!!!

My husband always signs all of my cards, love letters, poems, etc that he writes to me the same way.......... " I Love You All Ways" ( instead of always).... and he does. He is the most amazing man and has my heart completely and always will.


My new favorite item of clothing ( besides my running clothes) is the maxi dress. It is such a great way to feel feminine yet still be really comfortable. I probably own 6-8 of them and I just love the way they make me feel!


This one was very easy for me...... My favorite place in the whole world to be is Blowing Rock, NC. I love the mountains. I always say that I don't know how I was born and raised in FL and how I am still here because when I am in the mountains, my heart is happy. I have a perma-grin the entire time. Both of my aunts have beautiful homes in Blowing Rock and we go up every year, at least once! I WILL retire to the NC mountains one day!!!!! Blowing Rock reminds me of all things family, friends, and happiness!!!


I know, I know, the picture is of Wonder Woman ( she is my princess) This was a hard one for me because I am not much of a princess girl! I have two boys and so my exposure to Disney princesses in the last 25-30 years has been limited at best. I think I am going to have to stray a bit on this one and go for Wonder Woman, a princess in her own right!! I am a woman who cannot stop going, I give all I have to give to those around me and then try to give more. I truly love and care for my family and friends and put them first! If things get to comfortable and easy, I introduce chaos and challenge because if not, I'm bored. I am always called "Super Woman" and Super Mom" by my friends, so sorry to ruin the princess gig but I think my heart is with Wonder Woman! And if I keep up this running, I might acually be able to pull off her costume one day!!!!
I know a ton of you have already done this but I am going to tag a few, if you've already done it, just ignore me!!!


  1. Wonder Woman may be a princess - but she's a tom boy type warrior princess. So she's an exception from the usual princess stereotype - good choice!

  2. Love this. That dress is stinkin adorable.. Love comfort and cuteness. Thanks for playin!!


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