The Mama Side of my Blog - Happy Birthday Jett!

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Well, I haven't had too many posts yet that look into the "mama" side of my blog, but today is a very special day! 9 years and 9months ago, I found out on Christmas day that I was pregnant with our first child! Such a great gift from God!! And today, he turns 9!!
I can't even believe how quickly the years have passed. I am feeling a bit old! This is the same child that I referred to in my recent post about needing stress relief because I think he thinks he is turning 17!!
Although he has been a bit of a pain lately, I love this child with all of my heart, both of my children are true blessings in our lives! The time passes so quickly, and as look back on the last 9 years, I miss that little baby I held in my arms, those toddler years of learning to walk and talk, and all of the wonderful memories we have with our children. I sometimes wish I could turn back time!!
At 6 and 9, I have no babies left, only big boys who will continue to grow and amaze me, make me laugh ( and cry sometimes) and continue to provide me with wonderful memories in the future!! My boys are amazing and everyday I thank God for bringing them into our lives!

So Happy Birthday Jett! Mommy loves you all there is, or as your little brother Jake would say "I love you tendyhundred, and that's alot!!!"

So today I will take a rest from running ( I had my long run yesterday) so that I may celebrate a very special Birthday! Back to speedwork tomorrow, I'll post the update tomorrow evening!!


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