My First Ever Blog Post!!

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You might ask why I have started yet another blog about running. I am addicted to running and I am addicted to following blogs. There are so many funny, informative and interesting blogs out there about many women runners!
As a new runner, most blogs I read are about women who have completed multiple marathons and 1/2 marathons and run a million races, a bit overwhelming when your "long run" is 4 miles. The words "I went out for an easy 17 mile run and felt great" are not any part of my vocabulary, I am a new and excited runner and ready to share my training, life and chaos with anyone who will listen (read)!!
My life is crazy busy and there never seems to be a dull moment, so here we go........

This weeks training schedule
Sunday, Aug 2nd - ran "long run" 4 miles at 10:45/mile pace
Monday- XT or rest ( I had to rest)
Tuesday - 3 mile Easy Run
Wednesday - 4 mile Easy Run
Thursday - 3 mile Easy Run
Friday - XT or Rest
Saturday - 3 miles


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