A New Way To Beat The Heat! Product Review: Frogg Toggs Cooling Chilly Pad Towel

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So I was using some coupons at Hibbett Sports today to score some great deals on my favorite Nike running shorts when I came across a neat little plastic case holding a towel... the tag line "It's All About Being Cool". Well, living in Florida, you have to know that got my attention!

In Florida, it is just plain hot........like scorchin, screamin, OMG, think Im dying, humid, disgusting, I really can't breath, sweatin your booty off....HOT! I am always looking for ways (other than running in no clothes at all, lol) to stay cool. So I said, what the heck, it's only $12.99, if it works, it will be sooooo worth it. Well it definately works! It is very cool(literally). It is a towel of sorts, that is rectangular, and thin, and about 26 x 18 inches or so. All you do is wet it and wring it out and then magic happens!
It doesn't drip everywhere, doesn't even really feel wet, and it is a great size to throw around your neck after or during a run/race. A few minutes after you wet it, it gets very, very cool and stays that way for a long time. I wet it around 7:00PM and came back from my run at 8:50 and it was very cold!! It's still cold as I am writing this at 9:30PM! I have no idea what the technology is, but it is awesome. Website claims they stay cool for 1-4 hours and they are machine washable!!

So for all of you runners out there that live in very hot areas, or just tend to get overheated and need a great way to cool down, try the frogg toggs: Cooling Chilly Pad Towel - it's awesome!!
Check it out at froggtoggs.com - click on chilly pad

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  1. Hello! I found your blog thru MileMusings and I really like your product review! @ the gym today, I was thinking about how nice it would be to have a good towel. I thought about packing a terry cloth one w/ me, though I am sure this one would be way more comfortable! Will check it out! Thanks!


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