Nuun Hydration giveaway and $100 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card!!!

Yet again, I am helping promote other runners' giveaways, but we are one big, happy running community, right?
Melanie, over at has a great giveaway. Nuun is a hydration product that can "make your water count" by giving you the salt, vitamins and minerals you need to stay hydrated on your runs, without the extra calories !! She is giving away the Nuun, oh so cute, blue water bottle along with 4 great Nuun flavors to try!!!
Head on over and check it out! I follow her blog and she is a great inspriration, has great product reviews, and provides me with tons of info, great pictures and updated posts daily! Love her!!!!

Also, check out the $100 ( yes, I said $100) gift card giveaway to Dick's Sporting Goods at We could all use a new pair of running shoes, new running clothes, etc. So run on over and check her out, I just found her blog and can't wait to follow, I think she lives about 45 minutes from me - crazy!!


  1. You are SWEET!! Fyi at times I update twice daily...BAD....very addicted to running and blogging about running.

    Have a great weekend!! And yes we are all one big community..

  2. Hold the phone... you live near O-town?!?!? YAY! So glad you found my digs and stopped by! I just read a few of your posts and I'm so excited for you! Half marathons are my favorite I've decided... even though I haven't run my first marathon yet... I just think it's the perfect distance. You're going to have so much fun! If you ever want to meet up and run and/or need any running advice for trails round these parts hit me up! My email is on my profile. Keep up the great running!


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