Oh Crappy Tuesday & Almost Getting Eaten by a Mountain Lion in FL!!

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So yesterday was just a crappy day!!

It started when I woke up with a headache. A headache that would last all day and move from behind my right eyeball to the very base of my skull by the end of the day. A headache that felt like a Migraine in the fact that it made me nauseous all day!!

I have recently been getting migraines that seem to coincide with my menstrual cycle ( sorry if that's TMI) and my docter has been working with me to try to prevent them or lessen them. The only problem is that I hate to take medicine. He gave me antiinflammatories to take the week of as my migraines tend to come at the end or just after "it's" over. Last month that worked and I never really got too bad of a headache, Yay! This month, not so much. He also gave me a migraine medication in case I actually got the migraines, but I have been sooooo scared that the side effects will be worse than the migraine, that I haven't wanted to take them. Now I'll get to the running part and come back to the migraine.......

My running schedule said 1mile warmup, 1x800 @4:10, 1 mile cooldown ( the lowest mileage of the week), so even though my head is about to explode, I tell myself, "self, this might actually help your headache, so go". At the same time I am trying to convince myself to go, my running partner texts to say she is out, not coming. Now I really have to convince myself.

I head out for my 1 mile warmup and I instantly have a terrible pain in my side.....I keep going.

I am also wearing my new Adidas Adizero Boston's for the first time and I have to stop at least 5 times to re-lace them because they feel terrible ( I'll do a full review later)!!

I head over to an adjacent neighborhood that is basically a private, gated property that is all owned by one man, a fabulous place to run because there are only a few houses and lots of nature (for central FL). The owner has told me that it is fine to run there and has given me the code to the gate, so all is well. I am running along and a lady that I sometimes see running out there pulls up next to me in her car and motions me over. I hit pause on Runkeeper, turn down my Ipod, and head over thinking she is going to tell me I can't run there, and let me tell you, I was not ready for the drama, between the headache and the stitch in my side.....

This is what she says "Hey, I know I see you runnin in here alot, I run here too... I just wanted you to know that my mother-in-law just saw a mountain lion in her front yard the other day" I look at her like she has 3 heads because we are in central FL, what the heck would a "mountain" lion be doing in central FL???? Then when she see's my face, she says "oh, not a mountain lion, a FL panther , so I would carry some mace if I was you! I knew it was wild out here, but not that wild!!" and she drives off. I stand there contemplating what to do next......no running partner ( to throw in front of me -jk-haha)....... no mace......a whopping huge headache.....a stitch in my side.....and I am about to do my fast 800, maybe he wont be able to catch me (yeah right!) So I continue on, eyes peeled, and ready to die!!!

So I didn't almost get eaten by a mountain lion, but I could of, just sayin......

Here are my crappy stats:

1.01 mile warmup - 10:15
1 x 800 - 3:57 - was supposed to be at 4:10 and my coach/mentor said to stay as close to that as possible, not to go faster, can't seem to pace these short distances very well, I always run them too fast...... any suggestions?????
1.02 cooldown - 10:26

Back to the migraine...............I promise I am almost done..... I get back home, head is still pounding, no the running did not help, so I breakdown and take the migraine medicine......
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, that is all I have to say about that, I was knocked out at 9:45PM, hence why I didn't do this post last night, slept like a baby and woke up with the same headache I went to bed with............maybe not a migraine....maybe sinuses???? HELP!!!!
Let's hope tonight's 5 miler happens at all.... this headache must go away, it has been 4 days!!!!

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  1. Take the MEDS!!! And feel better...

    That is crazy...I pray you wont get mauled by a Fl jungle cat.

    Keep up the good work, running on a off day is GREAT for mental toughness.


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