Speedwork Rocks!

Yes, I said it, "Speedwork rocks!!" Today was my very first day of speedwork, so even though I didn't do a ton, I really loved it! Oh, the milestones I am reaching these days! My training schedule called for an easy 1 mile warmup, 2X400 @ 2:10 pace and a 1 mile cool down.
Here is how I did:
1 mile warmup: 11:46 ( yes, i took the warmup literally)
1st 400(.26 miles) : 2:00 - 7:41 min/mile
2nd 400(.26 miles): 1:53 - 7:24 min/mile
1 mile cool down : 10:28

I felt really great! Sweaty, out of breath, but really great. I find myself waking up and wondering if and when I will get to run each day! It is no longer a chore or a "have to", it is a pleasure and a "look forward to".

I look forward to a great week of running! Happy running everyone!


  1. So glad to hear that your mindset has changed...it is truly a great feeling to look forward to a good run.. Great work on the SPeedwork, keep it up.

  2. I look forward to that day when I look forward to running and not have to drag myself out of bed to go!!!! How long did it take for you to get to this point?


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