Stress Release!

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Over the past few weeks, I have really been asking myself where this new found love for running has come from, and in the last few days, I think the answer has become more and more evident!
I am the proud mother of Jett ( almost 9) and Jake (6) and the wife of wonderful and supportive husband Joel (11 years), so needless to say, there is a ton of testosterone in my house, even the dog (Shilo) is a boy! Well my 9 year old is really giving me a hard time right now, he argues with everything I say. He is disrespectful, argumentitive, and down right out of control. I have heard that 9-10 year olds and 4th grade is one of the toughest years with boys, so if anyone else is experiencing this or has any comments or suggestions, please send them my way!
So you ask, what does all of this have to do with running? Well, 1st, it is a major stress release, a way for me to walk out of the house, take a deep breath and have some me time! 2nd, it makes me really feel like I can accomplish something, that I am setting and achieving goals. That I am not a failure.Sometimes as parents, when our children do things that we are not proud of or act in ways that we know are not consistant with the way we have raised them, we begin to wonder where we have gone wrong and start to feel like a failure. Running gives me a way to really evaluate these situations with a clear head. To know that I have not failed and that this is only a phase, a phase that we will get through in time, just as we have made it through all of the other phases life has brought in the last 11 years.
Running has brought forward a true confidence in me. I have even encouraged others to start running. My poor friends steer clear because they know that I have the the running fever and they arent sure they want to catch it.
Sorry this post took a bit of a serious turn, but this is a very stressful time for me, I want to be the very best mom I can possibly be and when we feel as mothers, that we are hitting a wall in the raising of our children, it can be very stressful and tonight I ran, I ran 4 miles ( which was my long run last week) and I did it with out problem, 4 miles is no longer my "long" run... Yay!! I'm moving to 5 this weekend.....Ill keep you posted!!


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