To Infinity and Beyond!!!

Haven't blogged but have been running!

Monday night:
Easy 4 miler - 4.05 miles/40:48 min - avg pace : 10:04
1-10:43 ( ate way too much spaghetti beforehand and wasn't so sure at the start - slow start!)
.05 - 8:29
All negative splits again !!
There were several times on this run that I really thought I was going to revisit my dinner and that my poor neighbors were going to see me hurl on their lawn - but I managed to hold it in and actually felt pretty good towards the end of the run!!

Tonight: No go with my running partner and my kids guilted me into waiting till after they went to bed to run. I have been struggling with work, family, run balance these days and now that the kids are back in school and on an early bedtime schedule, I don't get to see them very much so every minute with them is precious. I think I am going to have to go back to the butt crack of dawn runs, ohhh how I hate to drag my bootay out of bed that early!!
Tonight I didn't get started till after dark and it was lightly drizzling. Our neighborhood has very few street lamps and is VERY dark at night so I armed myself with my son's trusty Buzz Lightyear flashlight and headed out.
My legs were extremely sore from the 4 miles last night. I am getting a lot of soreness in my left upper quad on the lateral side of my thigh lately so I once again had a slower start - had some negative splits and really struggled with leg soreness through the whole run. I just felt tired. I hit the driveway and was cooling down when a torrential downpour occured causing me to have to sprint to the front door!! Glad it's over, and by the way, do cars and drivers just seem more mysterious and scary at night???? I was skeptical of everyone, glad Buzz was there to protect me!!
4 .02 miles - 40.17 minutes - avg pace - 10.01

Another 4 miler on the schedule for tomorrow - XT on Thursday!


  1. OK I would be really scared running at night. Is there any time to run on your lunch hour?? That is now I fit it in.

    As for the soreness, I had much more soreness before I got the right shoes and insoles...??

    Good work.. I love that you are calling 4 miles "Easy" YIPPEE

  2. I always get nervous running at night! I almost got hit by a kid on his bike last time I attempted it and I'm sure he did it on purpose.

    Way to squeeze your runs in though! It's hard to find balance.

  3. it definitely takes time to transition to morning running...especially if it means really early mornings! But I bet you are a better mom when you get to do those things for yourself

  4. It is so hard to juggle family, work, and running. My hubby can't understand why I have a hard time keeping my running up while he is home. Duh. He takes up a LOT of time when he is here ;) But I dont mind so much!

    I hope you get into a schedule soon that works for you and your family!


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