Under Construction!! Mama giveaway too!!

I am giving my blog a bit of a face lift and some portions of it are not funtioning properly!!!

Bear with me people, I am only a little technologically advanced and my hubby is the true IT person in our home, soooooooo it could be tonight before I can get this thing right!! What do you think so far??
I can't figure out how to put my picture back up and the "about" doesn't link to anywhere ( nice) ,also, the little tags beside the posts are supposed to have the date, but they don't!! Obviously they are "undefined" but I am not sure how to "define" them!! Ugghhhhhh, it's a work in progress just like me!!

I wanted something that showed my style and personality a bit better, let me know what you think, do you think the blog has to be more sporty just cuz it's a running blog???

BTW, I tried to get up at Butt Crack of dawn this morning to run, but about 1.5 miles in, I got that not so nice crampy stomach, gotta go, feeling ( if you know what I mean) and had to head home fast! Oh well, it was supposed to be a rest day anyway, but it is getting annoying , my stomach has been a mess lately on my runs!!!!

Hillary over at http://www.theothermama.com/ has a fantastic giveaway for all you mama's who may need some help getting a nutritious dinner on the table for your family so that you can have more time to run:)
She is giving away a Let's Make Dinner Collection from Homemade Gourmet that is a package chocked full of 17 mixes that will make 20 meals {you can freeze or eat right away} for your family!! It's the mama side of the blog coming out again, we all gotta eat, right???
Plus, we are all very busy so crock pot meals are a great way to get dinner ready in the morning so you can spend more time with your family in the evening! Yay!!! Check it out!!!

Happy Running,


  1. I think it is GREAT! Add some running photos of you and you are SET.. But I do want to see your picture back at the top so I KNOW I am on your page.



  2. ooohh! I loooove the new layout and the graphics on your header! Love the green color too :)


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