Where did the last 2 days go??

I actually pulled up my blog this morning and realized I haven't posted since Wednesday! Where did the last 2 days go????
I have been running.......................
Wednesday I ran 5.40 miles/56:00 - avg pace 10:22
I am thinking that the positive splits between mile 2-4 were due to the torrential downpour and the huge puddles I was dodging!! I was also holding my Iphone under my shirt so it didn't get too wet! We were running around a lake that had no sidewalks and the edges of the road filled with puddles quickly! The rain was refreshing, the squishy shoes and socks, not so much!!!

Thursday - easy 3 miles - 31:37 - avg pace - 10:30

Summer Sunshine Watermelon 5K - This Weekend!!!!!
Getting ready for my 4th 5K in a 4 race series. I am 9th out of 19 qualifying racers ( there are 70 in my age group but you have to run all 4 to be ranked) going into this race. There is only one racer that I could beat time wise and move up, the others are too far ahead of me :), unless....... they don't show up, then they get nixed from the rankings, hopeful but doubtful!!!
My goal, lofty but doable if I have a good race day:
5K - 27:30 - average pace 8:51 ........BUT......
I will be happy if I ;
a) Beat the girl ahead of me in the rankings and
b) Beat my PR by 1 second which would be - 27:46 - avg pace 8:56


  1. GOOD LUCK!! I didn't realize you were racing this weekend. YOu will be great..


Thanks so much for your comments today!
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