7.5 Miles and Feeling Craptastic!!!

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I am so sorry that I didn't do my Friday post, to be honest, I was down in the dumps!! My Thursday night tempo run was just craptastic! My legs felt like lead from the get go and I was just plain tired! I had a headache all day on Thursday and I actually thought the running would help, but it didn't!!  The training plan goal.... 1mile warmup, 2 X 1 mile at 9:08-9:25, 1 mile cool down.......and here is how it went...

Mile 1 (wu) - 10:26
1st Tempo Mile - 9:01 - I hit my tempo mile a bit faster than goal - but I was sooo tired and I took a 2 minute brisk walk recovery.
2nd Tempo Mile - 9:07 - Still faster than goal but let me tell you, I felt like complete crap!!
Cooldown mile - 16:52 - oh yes, you are reading this correctly, I WALKED!! And not very quickly either!!

I took a leisurely stroll home as I felt defeated and tired and sorry for myself!! I knew if I posted Friday, It would not be a positive post sooooooo I opted not to post! I took a day off from running and actually told myself, for the first time that I didn't want to run Saturday for my long run. I tried to talk my self out of running.......but I got my butt up with a new attitude this morning and I ran and.......it felt really good!!!

I ran 7.5 MILES !!!!!! ( 1:20:02 total time and avg pace 10:39) I did it and I would have to say that it wasn't hard. Around 5.5 miles, the legs started feeling a little heavy but I finished, took an ice bath, drank chocolate milk and crashed!! I went back to sleep for 2 hours and was tired all day!! Does anyone else feel like this after a long run?? Everyone keeps talking about the runners high and feeling great after a run, but I felt tired and like crap all day!!! But I am proud that I ran the 7.5 miles, don't get me wrong!!!

Okay, so this week, I am going to change my schedule around a bit, move my rest days around, add in some biking for some cross training and see if I can get myself out of this rutt!! I think I have vented enough and I am sorry for the somehwat negative post! I will be back on track Monday and will be telling you about my race next weekend that includes 4 races in 24 hours!! I will need all the suggestions I can get on that one cuz I am super nervous!!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Excellent job overcoming your craptastic running mood!! Awesome job on your 7.5! I think it is pretty normal to feel wiped out after your long runs for a while. Soon your body will get used to the these distances and you wont be so exhausted. After my first half marathon I was done for the rest of the day. I parented from the couch. But now (6 halves later)I can still function afterwards and even play with my son! don't get discouraged! Your doing awesome!

  2. Good job on running the 7.5, eben when you didn't want to!

  3. Tobi, those two tempo miles may have felt hard but you rocked them! Great job! A little secret, tempos are suppose to feel hard. But the benefits will emerge soon enough. Instead of feeling bad about that run you should feel really, really good. You did very well.

    Congratulations on your 7.5 miles. That is so wonderful! I agree completely with Amanda in the first comment, it is normal to feel tired after your long runs until you get use to the mileage. I use to come home from my LR's on Sundays and crash for an hour or two. Now, I am so use to that same mileage that I feel energized from running the same distance. You're doing everything right, and adding some cross training to the schedule as you get use to your new mileages is a great idea! Keep up all the great work.

  4. Hey Tobi! Thank you so much for becoming my first follower! It felt awesome to see my first comment and follower last night! I love your blog (it's my favorite color!) and can't wait to read more about your running journey.

    After reading all of your posts I am so excited to start running. Earlier in the year I tried a program called Couch to 10K in 10 weeks and completed up to week 4 before I became all mental about running. Right now I'm doing the 30 Day Shred and once I'm done with that I'm going to start a running program! I'm thinking either Couch to 10K or The 13 weeks program from The Beginning Runners Handbook.

    Do you have any suggestions for me? I could really use a running mentor to help me with the beginning of the process since I don't know anybody that runs!

    Anyways, love your blog and can't wait to become better blog buds!



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