Can I get a Whoot Whoot???

I have a lot to be happy about today! I ran 7 miles on Saturday, 3 miles yesterday, a total of 21.72 miles last week ( a weekly PR), and a great speed workout today!!
Also, .......the shoe saga may have a happy ending this week....stay tuned.

My hubby agreed to do soccer duty tonight so I could tackle my speedwork session. It felt really great and I hit all of my goals, actually a bit faster than goal!! Goals for today according to THE TRAINING SCHEDULE..... 1 mile Warmup, 1x400 @ 1:58, 1 X 800 @ 4:08, 1 X 400 @ 1:58 and 1 mile cooldown.

1.00 mile - 9:28 - much faster than my normal 1st mile warmup -feeling good
.25 miles - 1:46 - feeling good still, a bit winded -brisk 2-3 min recovery walk before next interval.
.51 miles - 3:53 - okay I was probably even faster than this BUT a very large boxer came bounding toward me, not on a leash and was circling my feet as I sprinted! I am surprised I did not trip and kill myself and I am so glad that he did not attack me!! 2-3 minute brisk walk recovery.
.26 miles - 1:50 - a bit slower, but faster than goal and legs starting to get tired! a 2 minute brisk walk recovery.
1.00 miles - 9:15 - this is actually a tempo pace mile - Yay me!!  I finished strong and I am feeling good....maybe it's the shoes????

I am scheduled for an over 20 mile week again this week!! Legs are feeling great!

Happy Running,


  1. Whoot Whoot... Way to go lady.. YOu are making STRIDES.. Look forward to hearing about your shoe choice..

  2. I second the whoot whoot! Sounds like you're having some awesome workouts. Can't wait to hear about the shoes!

  3. That tired feeling in your legs is what we want to avoid at this point. Don't worry there will be plenty of time in the upcoming two months to give it "all you got."

    Great Job!

  4. Look at you woman! Get it girl! :)

  5. Wow! Great job so far this week.. and as for that boxer, well, be sure to cat your vote on my survey this week (Running Fears) - sounds like you weren't fearing the darn dog - just needing him to get the heck out of the way! ha ha!

    Great job! Happy running this week! I'm under the weather again, and have lost two days' mileage... grrr!!!

  6. Um, that would 'cast' your vote...LOL

  7. Whoot Whoot!!
    That's awesome! I remember my first seven miler! I was SO proud and was just shocked that I went that far!! You're doing awesome!

    Don't you love it when the husbands get soccer duty? :) I do feel a little guilty about not going to practices, but MAN! I can get a lot done! :)


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