Experia Thorlo Socks Review!!!

While I was at Sports Authority buying my 6th pair of running shoes, the nice salesperson pointed me in the direction of these socks......Thorlo Experia - Powered by Thorlo Pads. I saw them and was immediately skeptical. My best friend's father used to be a sales rep for Thorlo and I used their socks to walk in the 60 mile Breast Cancer walk, twice. All of the pairs that I have are VERY thick!!

I live in Florida and it is hot about 10 months out of the year, so thick socks are pretty much out! I also don't like thin socks, socks with a ton of padding in strange places, or socks that pull or gather in at the arch. I guess I am a bit picky about my socks......are we seeing a trend here?....lol...(the shoe search).

Well, I looked at the socks and they are very nice looking and come in tons of cute colors; pink, yellow, green, white, black, etc.......so I felt them, not too thin, not too thick. They did look like they pulled in around the arch though, so I was still unsure. Salesperson told me they were buy one get one half off, sold! I'll try them!!
Here they are: I bought black and green. This is the green pair as the black were in the wash!!
I tried out these socks on a 3 mile easy run and they felt great:
Thorlo Packaging claims: Experia is anatomically engineered for an aero-dynamic fit and "protection without weight". Runner's World Gear rated it " The best of both worlds"......
Bussyrunningmama - Agrees!! This sock is really soft. It has padding ( feels very light though) in the toes and forefoot and in the heel. It is lightweight and breathable. It doesn't feel like it pulls in at the arch, so no tightness in the arch which I loved!!  It really does feel like "padding without the weight", just like Thorlo claims. If you like to "feel" the padding or the "feel" of arch support, you may not appreciate this sock as much as I do. BUT, if you like a no fuss, really soft sock, that protects without the "feel" of protection, this is your sock!! Not too thick, not too thin, just right for this busy running mama!!! And so many fabulous colors!! They run about $13.99/ pair (ouch!) but Sports Authority has them on sale and you get the 2nd pair half off!!!
BTW. Melanie over at Tall Mom on the Run, has a great giveaway!! If you have been wanting to treat yourself to a finish line gift and you have an upcoming race, check out her Lift Your Sole Giveway!!
Tall Mom On The Run is a great blog with great giveaways and tons of motivation and inspiration, enjoy!!

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  1. Always a nice link to my Giveaway!! Thanks Tobi.. I think I may need the green pair...I have the Yellow and will review soon..


  2. I got these about a month ago and love them. They fit perfect! I need to branch out and get the cute green ones, next time. :)

  3. Thanks for the review. I love this brand but they are pretty thick for California too. Must try these new ones.
    Cute blog!

  4. Glad to hear you and your son had a great run. You sound like such a great mom. I am sure he knows how lucky he is. ;)

    Thanks for the review of the socks. I am a big fan of the toe socks. They are pricey but worth it. Have a great day!


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