I'm Back!!!

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I am back from North Carolina and trying to get caught up at work, home, and in the bloggy world!!

I would like to say thank you to all of you for your kind words last weekend. I was not very close to this aunt BUT it was my dad's sister and any time a family member passes, it is emotionally hard for everyone involved!

The good news is that I was able to get a couple of runs in while I was away! We stopped in Jacksonville on the way to NC to see my sister and niece! They live walking distance to Jax Beach so I did a 3.5 miler on the sand, it was awesome!!!

3.5 miles/ 32.24 total time/ 9:15 Avg pace

I also ran on the treadmill at the hotel in NC. I have not run on a treadmill for as long as I can remember but it went okay.

3.00 miles/ 29.00 total time/ 9:40 average pace.

I also had the joy of seeing my best friend from college, Kimberly and her little girl Adeline. They drove an hour and a half just to have lunch with me. I was sooooo excited as I had not seen Kimberly in 2 years!!

I got up early and ran 4 miles this morning before work and I will hopefully stay on track this week.
I will be out of town the next 2 weekends but will do my best to keep up with everyone's blogs and mine too!!!

4.01 miles/ 39:12 total time/ 9:46 average pace.

I do not know if you guys are noticing that my average times are in the 9 minute range now and out of the tens for the most part, I am getting faster, slowly but surely!!!!

I will be in Jacksonville, FL this coming weekend and in Oklahoma City, OK the weekend of October 8-11th, so if any of my bloggy running friends will be in or live in those same areas and want to meet up to run, I am sure I will be pushing for long runs between 8 and 9 miles!!! I would love to join up with ya!!!

Happy Running,

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  1. Welcome back! Goood job fitting in some runs while you were away.


Thanks so much for your comments today!
I love the advice from all my blog friends, you are all much appreciated!!!!
Happy Running and Happy Living!!