A Little Too Slow, A Little Too Fast, But Never Just Right!!!

And so goes my second attempt at speed work!! I just can't seem to get the pacing down! I am usually too fast and then when I slow it down, I slow down too much. I know you are thinking fast is good, it's speed work right??? Well my coach/mentor Bryan says, the speed work paces should be right on goal or only a couple of seconds off. The schedule for tonight reads : 1 mile warmup, 4 x 400 @ 1:56-2:00 with a 2-3 min recovery, 1 mile cool down - Here is what I did!!

1 mile warmup - 11:15 ( I always take the warm up literally because I know what is to come!)
.26 miles - 1:48 - 7.02 pace
.26 miles - 1:48 - 6.44 pace
.26 miles - 2.05 - 8.05 pace ( I intentionally slowed on this one because I knew the first 2 were too fast, guess I slowed too much)
.27 miles -  1:53 - 7.05 pace - this was the closest to goal!!
1 mile cooldown - 11:56 and feeling very tired!!

Sooooo, I guess I still have my work cut out for me on these but I was happy to see a little speed coming out of me and mutiple times at that!!! Even though I wasn't supposed to - Sorry Bryan ( if you are reading)!!

So as I sit here eating Starbuck's Carmel Machiatto Ice Cream out of the container and blog about speed work ( oh, that is not a good post workout food to eat???) I wonder how my FIRST EVER tempo run will go tomorrow..............................On tomorrows schedule: 1 mile warmup, 2 x 1 mile @9:05, and 1 mile cooldown............................I think I can do it - It does say to do a 3 min recovery between tempo miles?? Is that a stop and breath, slow the pace, or walk?? Any ideas, tips or advice on that???

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Happy Running,


  1. FAST Mamma!! GReat work.. FYI I always run as fast as I can, I sorta buck the RULES on speedwork.. I did my first Tempo run today, well my version of it anyhow...WEIRD!! But man did I work up a major sweat..

    Ice Cream is THE post-run snack of choice..

  2. Nice job witht he speedwork. The more you do them the more you'll be able to gage your speed. Good luck with the tempo run. You'll nail it.

  3. Awesome workout SPEEDY!!! I always seem to be too fast, too - and not sure what to do to get it "just right". Good luck with the tempo run.

    PS - I run just so I CAN eat ice cream! :) You totally deserve it after that awesome speed workout!

  4. I am loving the skin on this blog!!!

    Nice job on the workout. It is a little hard to pin down paces in the beginning, but the more you work at it the easier it gets. Great job so far!!

  5. I love your blog's look! Great job on the speedwork and good luck on the tempo run. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

    Thanks for sending me luck on my 20 miler! And thank you for your concern for my little one. She is doing much better!!


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