A "Long" Run, But So Worth It!!

The run I am referring to was not long in distance, it was actually kind of short in distance, but long in time and slow in pace........
My handsome 9 year old asked if I would run with him yesterday. He has told me several times that he wants to be able to run a mile and eventually do a 5K race but yesterday he said, I want to run TODAY! So I took advantage of it because communication with him ( yes he is in 4th grade and has BIG attitude) has been a bit difficult lately. I was excited that he wanted to spend time with his "mean, old mom" , so we put on our shoes and we were off......

This is Jett getting ready to chase his little brother in a "friendly" game of Nerf Dart Tag!!
We headed out into the neighborhood and I told Jett he could call the shots. I was going to pace him though as he always runs too fast and tires out fast...... He said he wanted to go 1.25 miles, some walking and some running................
Here is what we did:
1.27 miles
17:20 minutes
13:43 avg pace.
We ran 2 minutes, walked 2 minutes. Kept this up for a few intervals and then walked a bit more and ran to the finish. He probably ran about 7-8 minutes total.......not too bad for our first outing together. Best of all, we talked, I encouraged, and I told him how proud I was. He asked if a 13:43 pace was good......I said, "Of course it is, you know why? Because any running is better than no running AND we did it together." He went straight into the house and told his dad and brother the exact stats and was SOOOO proud!!
As far as a future in running......He needs to grow into his feet a bit :0) He is almost 5 feet tall and I can fit into his shoes ( I wear an 8 in woman's regular shoes), and he just turned 9. He is tall and lanky and not too coordinated when it comes to running. He was tripping over those boats  feet the entire time. A few inside giggles were had, but I definately did not want to discourage so I kept them to myself! I am just happy he tried and put in the effort! We'll see if he asks for that torture again???
As for MY running, I was scheduled for 40 minutes EASY and I seriously contemplated counting those 17 minutes that I "ran" with my son because my left hamstring (ever since the run in the Nike's) has been so tight and very sore, but I ran the full 40 minutes, I pushed through!!!
Total time: 40.02 minutes
Total distance: 4.06 miles
9:51 average pace
1- 9:51min/mile
2- 10:01min/mile
3- 9:46min/mile
4- 9:49min/mile
.06 - 8:42min/mile
Iced for a LONG time last night and hamstring feels a good bit better today! Have my second tempo run either tonight or in the morning , depends on the weather!!!!

Happy Running,


  1. I LOVE IT! Doesn't it just make it all worth it when our kids see us being active and healthy? Oh I can't even imagine being a mom on the couch watching my soaps (although that would be nice!). I hope that if nothing else I can show my son an active lifestyle that will carry on with him and his own children someday!
    And GREAT JOB to your son Jett! That is just so fun! He will be kicking your behind sooner than later (maybe)! :)
    Hope some of the shoes work out for you! I begin my search tomorrow!

    Keep it up momma! Your doing good!

  2. SOOO FUN!! I love that you can connect with your son through your passion for running. There are FAR TOO MANY chubby kids in our surrounding neighborhood. Makes me want to shake the parents and say "Kids are meant to run, plya, ride bikes, climb trees and have fun. Not play videos games while the sun is still out."

    Judos to you and your little man with the BIG feet. FYI my 6'9 brother wears size 14's...talk about boats.


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