My Hubby Rocks!!

Do you know what my awesome hubby did for the better part of the day today?????? He worked on personalizing my blog for me!! I hope you enjoy all of the new and fabulous features!

Since getting my new template, about a week ago, there have been quite a few things that I have wanted to change. Buttons that did not work and labels and headings that weren't doing what I needed them to do, but thanks to my hubby and his IT skills.......................I think my blog is looking fabulous, if I do say so myself!

He even helped me come up with my new logo, the cute little flower with the runner in the middle and a new font for my title!!! Love it!!! This blog is sooooooo very me! Love the colors, all of my favorites and flowers make me smile. I wouldn't say I am a total girly girl, but I love me some flowers!!!!!
So I owe my husband ( the best one in the world , by the way) a big thank you! ( Being the typical male that he is, he says I owe him more than a thank you :0) , I know, TMI, but it's true) He has been so supportive of both my running and my blogging!!!!

Now on to my running.............................Ran my longest run yet on Saturday morning: 6.5miles!!!!
Total miles: 6.51 miles
Total time : 1:10:09
Average pace: 10:47 min/mile
It was a beautiful morning, actually a little less humidity than normal and I finished before sun up so not too much heat. I never felt tired cardiovascularly, but my legs got tired toward the end!!

I promised a review of the Mizuno Waverider 12's I bought last week but I had to take them back because they were too big in the heels and the next size down was too short in the the search continues. I bought Nike Air Pegasus+ 26's and some cool looking Experia(Thorlos) socks!! You will get full reviews of both this coming week.......I promise! And if these shoes don't work ( this is the 5th pair I've tried) I am going to literally go crazy!!!!! TaTa for now people.......................

Happy Running,


  1. I love your blog, too! You and your husband have done a great job! I noticed the new logo right away. Very cool.

    And by the way, huge CONGRATULATIONS to you on reaching your longest mileage to date!!! That's how it all starts. I will never forget the first time I reached 6 miles. I was so proud of myself after plugging away at 3 & 4 milers for so long. Then it was 8 miles. Then 10 miles. It doesn't stop, so be forewarned. Just wait untiil a year from now. You are going to be running 6 miles and thinking nothing of it.

    Great job!

  2. 6.5 AWESOME! Ok I need your hubby's help, what a great site you have. I have not even been able to create a cool signature.. Way to go!

  3. That's awesome! I'm so jealous! Your site does have the coolest design and I love love love the colors! :)
    And, I agree completely w/ Sneakersister. The miles just slowly go up an up! You're doing great!

  4. Your blog is indeed very pretty! The flowers remind me of fall and the running logo is adorable. Go Hubs! (Hope he gets his ahem, thank you. LOL!)

    Super congrats on added mileage. It only gets better from here.

  5. Way to go on your 6.5 miles! And I love, love, love the new look of your blog!


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