Snooze Button!!

Dear Snooze Button,
Why do you exist, why are you a part of every alarm ever invented, and why must you be so easy to use, over and over again???
At 5:30 AM when my alarm went off, did you have to pop up as an option on my IPhone alarm?? Well guess what, I ignored you and just used the off button!! And guess what else, I did NOT get up and run, I went back to sleep!! So there, are you happy now?? I tried to spite you, and it worked, well not really, but I am going to say it did cuz I like to be right!!
Okay, really, tomorrow, if you pop up there again, I'm still going to ignore you and use the off button BUT this time, I am going to get out of bed and run, really I there!!(I'm sticking my tongue out)!!

So another morning passes and I am still not getting into this morning run thing! I think I am staying up too late at night! So my goal for this week is to get my self to bed earlier and get in a few good morning runs, think I can do it?? Old Snooze Button doesn't think so, but I'll show him!!

Tonight's schedule: Either a 30 min easy run OR Speedwork, depends on when I get back from the Doggie Opthamologist with Shilo!!

Happy Running,


  1. Morning running takes time to get use to. I like running and swimming in the morning. I have found that I have to mentally prepare myself the night before to get ready to wake up and go. Getting to bed earlier helps too.

    I am sure tomorrow you'll be up running.

  2. I found the key to morning running is getting to bed earlier. I am in bed by 9:30! It also helps to set out all of your clothes and turn the light on as soon as the alarm goes off.

    I always remind myself that the hardest part is getting out of the door!

  3. I don't run in the mornings, if I did I know I would skip most mornings.. So long as you fIND time during the day you are golden.

  4. Several things:
    1) Doggy opthamologist sounds interesting. Do they bark if they see a big squirrel and growl if it's fuzzy?
    2) I, too, battle with morning runs. They are no good, but I have to make myself do them.
    3) Love, love, SUPER LOVE your blog design.
    4) I am going to cut and paste this note and hand to my alarm clock. Thank you.

  5. Ha! I could have written this! It does just totally stink, but you always feel better when you get it done. :) Here's to am alarms! :)


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