Superstitious? Never Thought I was........

Superstition.... No , I am not talking about wearing the same socks for every race or eating the same pre-race foods, I am talking about umbrellas indoors, black cats and ladders people!!!!
Let me start by saying I set my alarm for 5:35 AM this morning and guess what??? I woke up around 5:10AM and waited for it to go off!! Ohhhh Mr. Snooze Button, you were so totally defeated this morning!
Immediately, because I am out of bed and getting dressed, I feel like it is going to be a great run.... superstition?? I leave you hangin on that one........
I walk outside to see a full moon...... don't the freaks come out when it's a full moon?? Oh wait, I am not superstitious, so no they don't (I kept telling myself this the entire run). Lucky for me, the full moon meant I didn't have to run in the dark!!! Love it!! My neighborhood has about 2 street lights in about 5 miles of road so it is usually completely dark ( and a bit scary) when I run. The full moon was a welcome delight for me this morning, BUT the freaks.........Tell me if this counts...........
1) Woman with wet hair and bare feet running from her neighbors yard with his newspaper, back to her house in the dark?? ( totally busted!!)
2) Man taking his garbage to the end of the driveway with a wheelbarrow at 5:40AM???, it was only 2 black bags?? Has anyone heard of rolling trash cans???
3) Old man rearranging his garbage by the side of the row into a neater stack?? Who cares people, it's garbage?? ( by the way, I ran up behind him and scared the bajeezus out of him, on accident of course!!)
I guess they weren't really freaks, but it is so strange the things that you see at 5:45AM!!

As I hit mile 2, a totally black cat crosses the road in front of me......I am not superstitious......I am not superstitious.........
Right after that, I see the most beautiful shooting star.... Do I wish on it?? I always wish on them ( but I am not superstitious) and this morning do I wish what I really want to or do I wish to negate the terribly bad curse the black cat just put on me???? Oh, you know the answer to that...... Sorry black cat, you were soooooo defeated this morning!!!

Now enough about supertition.............Back to running and yes, it was an awesome run!!!!
This was the first run that I have done for time rather than distance.... 30 Minutes, Easy...... that is what the schedule said, and yes, it was easy and I rocked it!!!! It has been a great running week for me!!

Total time: 30:04MIN
Total Distance: 3.22 miles
Average Pace: 9:21min/mile - This is my fastest average pace for a non-race run at this distance.

I felt really great before, during, and after the run and for once, it really was easy!!!!!

Happy Running,


  1. SOOO FUNNY! I had the best visual of the lady running with the wet hair and you scaring the guy.. Way to go on the "Easy" nice to read someone with such a pusitive outlook. I like the 1/2 Marathon Countdown..

  2. This is too funny - and even though I'm not superstitious either, I still do all of those funny things you do! :) I love all the people you see at 5:45am - they make great stories and blog posts - haha! Great run and nice pace - I'm glad you won over the snooze button this morning! Have a great Labor day weekend!

  3. Awesome run!

    It's amazing what goes on so early in the morning. I actually encounter a lot of people out walking when I run early in the morning. And an occasional biker. Very, very seldom other runners, though.

  4. I would have seen the full moon if I hadn't pressed snooze. But that does make me feel better about running outside in the early hours (I'm a bit of a scaredy cat)

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog because if you hadn't I wouldn't have found you so quickly! You are hilarious and I just love you. It sounds like we are at the same mile marker in our running life. I adore all my other running buddies... they inspire me, they teach me, they motivate me... but it is so refreshing to finally find someone that is going through the same things I am going through at the same time! P.S. I love you blog design! I need to pick your brain about this... we'll talk!


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