Tempo Triumph!!

Okay, I will first say, I learned a lesson today, if my schedule says to do a easy 30 minute run between the speedwork and the tempo runs, I really should follow the schedule!! My legs could have used some extra recovery time BUT, that being said, I totally rocked the tempo run!!!

It was my very first tempo run and I was bit nervous! Even though my speedwork pacing was a bit off, I feel that I am getting better and better at pacing with longer distances. My goal was 1 mile warmup, 2 X 1 mile @ 9:05 ( 3 min recovery) and 1 mile cooldown. Here are the stats:

1 mile WU: 9:45
1st tempo mile - 9:04
2nd tempo mile - 9:04
1 mile CD - 9:56

Total - 4.00 miles, 37:46 min - 9:27 avg pace!!

Not too shabby if I do say so myself! I did have to push a bit and my calves are very tight and a bit sore (probably from the speedwork last night), but I am feeling incredibly strong and confidant, and that doesn't happen that often! Tomorrow I will rest or bike and do mile 30 minute easy run on Friday!!

Since August was really the first full month that I actually tracked my mileage, I thought I would do a quick summary!!
Total running miles = 70.45 miles!!
Total biking miles - 10.08 - need to work on adding additional cross training in September.

As I was tallying my miles, I realized that my first time logging miles was July 16th and I logged 35.8 total miles for the 2nd half of July.  If I combine July and August, I have officially logged over 100 miles going into September!! Little victories are so sweet!!

Happy Running,


  1. Great job on the tempo run. Enjoy a day of rest, you earned it.

  2. Go you! Gotta love a good tempo run. And even though you were tired you kicked it's butt.

    Feel free to use fricky fracky whenever you like. Spread it around. ;)

  3. Awesome job!!
    I always have to force myself to do tempo runs, (love the long and SLOW!) so kudos to you for going for it! You'll def. see the results! :)


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