Too fast Tuesday and Footwear Frustrations!!!

Once again it is speedwork day, and opted to do it this morning because I was waiting for a tile guy to come and start taking out the tile on my shower floor (only 2 years post build - ugghh, a story for another day). Well, he didn't show up, of course, but I did get my run in!
Goal - 1 mile warmup, 2 x 800 at 4:00-4:10 with 3 min recoveries, 1 mile cooldown

Here is what I did:
1.01 mile WU - 10:04 - 10.0min/mile avg pace
1st 800 - .51 miles - 3:47 - avg pace - 7:29min/mile
2nd 800 -.51 miles - 3:52 - avg pace - 7:37 min/mile
1 mile CD - 1.01 miles - 9:20 -avg pace - 9:16 min/mile

Still a bit too fast according to goal! But, hey, better faster, than slower, we are talking "speedwork" here.

Now on to footwear frustrations........I tried the Nike Air Pegasus +26's on an easy 3 miler. (The shoes are made for a neutral runner ( like me) and were very comfortable and cushiony).  It ended up to be a not so easy 2.5 miler because my legs were not responding well to the shoes?? Does anyone else have this problem? 2 days earlier I wore my old shoes and completed 6.5 miles, no problem. Monday, in the new shoes, I could not finish 3 miles. My hamstrings and glutueus MAXimus were feeling tight and aching like crazy about 1.5 miles in. 
I am having different problems with each and every shoe that I buy ( and then return).
1) The Adidas Supernova Glides ( which I still have) still leave my left lateral quad a bit sore, it seems to be getting better though.
2) I tried Adidas Bostons and they were just too big for my narrow heel.
3) 4) I have tried 2 different Asics that just left my legs feeling very tired about 1.5 miles in to my runs, almost as if I was carrying bricks on my feet.
5)  I just took back a pair of Mizuno Waverider 12's, which I absolutely loved BUT I need a size 8 3/4......yes, I know they don't make that, but that's what I need.
6) So I thought I'd try this Nike, nope...... Now what???

Yes, people, that is 6 pairs, I know, I'm counting too!

Can you see why I am so frustrated?? Do I just deal with the leg pain for a few weeks and then it will evetually get better???

The worst part is that when I was packing the Nike Air's back up to take them back to the store (i'm getting very good at this), this is the conversation I had with my hubby ( He wasn't so much "rockin" at this moment)

Me: I hate these shoes, I couldn't even finish 3 miles and my legs were killing me, I am so frustrated!!"

Hubby: (Laughing) "Honey, do you really think you are going to be able to run and not have your legs hurt, ever? You have returned a ton of shoes, maybe your legs just hurt from running and not from the shoes!" ( he is being so logical, right?)

Me: But why can I wear my old shoes and run 6.5 miles with no leg pain at all, and then I put on new shoes, and I can't even finish 3 miles and my legs are killing me, it makes no sense, it has to be the shoes!!!"

Hubby: ( laughing still) I don't know......(thinking).....but haven't you tried a ton of shoes, you are going to have to decide on something..........By the way, You have a cute button on your blog now, it says Grab My "Butt"on" ( like that's supposed to make me feel better.....)

Me: Thanks, honey, you're so sweet....Ooh, I am sooooo excited about my "Butt"on,  I know you are trying to distract me from the shoe issue though..... ( it totally worked).......

Please, Please, if you are out there, and you are a shoe expert, or have any idea what is going on, PLEASE help me!! If you think I am crazy, just tell me so, If I am supposed to hurt and ache in different shoes, tell me.......I can take it people, I just want to find some shoes and run happy....................HELP!!!!!!

2 things that helped my frustrations over the weekend: I won a giveaway over  HERE and have some fabulous healthy food and coupons headed my way and I tried some fabulous Experia Thorlos socks......full review to come!!!!

Happy Running,


  1. I have never had this kind of issues with my shoes, but I try to avoid calling people "crazy". I say keep trying until you find "The Shoe." My be a placebo, but if it makes your legs feel better it is worth the search.

    I will be reviewing the Thorlo's this week too..

  2. Tobi - great job on those intervals! Now you know that the next time you do 800s you should shoot for 3:50 instead of 4:00. I think that's great!

  3. I'm surprised you haven't found a pair of shoes that work for you. I only own one pair of running shoes which are made by Brooks. I love them! Good luck, on the shoe hunt!

  4. Is it possible to purchase the sneaker that you have good runs in? Are they discontinued? You may be able to find them online?

    I run in Mizunos and I love them! I am due for a new pair ASAP and I am just going to get the same shoe since my half is in a few weeks and I dotn want to deal with sneaker issues.

    Good luck in finding your perfect shoe!

  5. I'm laughing about your "BUTTons" that Joel make for you. That's SO something Britt would do, if he had any idea of how to do anything on the computer other than turn it on :).

    I can't help with the running shoes debacle, but I'm pretty sure you shouldn't be hurting when you run, other than normal aches and pains. Britt has no pain in his legs or feet and he's got a lottttt more weight on him. Just keep trying!

    I can't wait to see you on Monday - maybe I'll even do a slooooowwwww mile with you. xoxo

  6. Oh no, your shoe saga sounds way too frustrating! The Mizuno size 8-3/4 comment breaks my heart - would insoles of some sort help make a size 9 fit better? I second Manderz's recommendation about checking online for your old shoes. I was hung up on Asics GT-2110's for a while (the 2130's didn't feel right when I tried them on a year or so ago) and have ordered a couple pairs from in the past. They carry a lot of discontinued shoes for fairly cheap. I hope you find your perfect shoes soon!

  7. I once bought some Ugg boots in Australia that promised they would make me feel as if I was walking on clouds. And they did, only quite literally. They were so soft and cushiony it was like ploughing my way throught a thick pack of snow.

    When I did the school run I got all sweaty and tired, walking in those &*%& boots. So now I only use them around the house. They make a really expensive kind of slippers....

    Anyway: perhaps this happened to you too, only with running shoes. Perhaps they're too cushiony for you!

  8. Have your tried Brooks? My husband and SIL swear by them


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