Wacky Word Verification Wednesday!!

You guys will all think I've lost my mind after this post, probably won't be a regular Wednesday post, but I am just in a silly mood and I haven't run yet today, nothing else to post about, so here goes!

Hey Red Head, this one is for you! You know that I am the only one crazy enough to actually read the words that come up in the word verification boxes and actually comment on them!! Sometimes I laugh out loud, sometimes I can't even pronounce them, and I always try to use them in a sentence! I have no idea why I am sooooo intrigued by these words???

So play along with me.... I am going to give you some of the words that I have come across this week along with what they made me think of! You guys can make up your own meanings and sentences and include them in your comments or wait till you post your comment and try to come up with something for the word that pops up then! I know it's silly and crazy, but I bet you will start looking at them more closely now that I've pointed them out! Haha!!

I'm hoping B.o.B will play along since we all know she is soooo good at making up funny words!!

It's hump day people, only a few more days till the weekend, have a little fun!!!

1) zootudis - This one still makes me laugh! I actually tried a pair of  Zoots (running shoes) in my recent shoe  search, so all I could think of is wearing those shoes and running after a large meal of beans! Sorry! TMI!

2) tamles - This is what you are when you running partner Tammy decides to bag on you at the last minute!

3) punisima (pew-knees-see-ma)  - Maybe a small , puny person in Spanish?? This one was funny just to say it!!

4) eardows  (ear- dose) - How us people from the south would say this:  " Hey, you eardows people at the finish line cheering for us?"

5) gatsol  - Gatsol folks!!

So was that silly enough for you guys?! Give it a try! You might like it!!

If you are still tuned in and I haven't sent you running from my blog with this post......stay tuned tomorrow for my first giveaway.....HINT - Experia sock review!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Totally fun post, Tobi.

    As a word-lover, I'm often intrigued by those silly verification 'words' and wonder: does someone sit around and think them up? ha ha Glad to know someone else enjoys them, too. :) So, #2 looks like "tamales" to me - background knowledge, I guess. I cook a lot of Tex-Mex.... And here's one I got when I commented on another of your posts today: 'bricurti.' What do you think? I think of 'stale cheese." Ha Ha

  2. I read the words too. And sometimes laugh out loud, and pick up the dictionary to figure out the meaning of the words!

  3. LOL! I love it. Sign me up. I always look at these non-words. I also do it with license plates.

  4. Ok so the one I just had here was: obsoel

    Obsoel: (obe-sole) The bottom of Obi Won Kenobe's shoes.

  5. LMAO! Oh girl I absolutely love how you always comment on the word verification... I actually get sad when you don't and because of you I always notice the words now and laugh myself! Great post!

  6. um, you are crazy with a capital C! I never even thought about those words before, but thanks for giving me something to think about! Can't wait to see you Sunday night!!! xoxo

  7. Funny! I always read the words, and i find it really funny when the word seems to relate to the post..

    OK so you are giving away socks...Hmmmm...you will laugh at my Giveaway on Monday..


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