The Weekend List!!

I am so sorry that I have been totally MIA this weekend! Yes, I know it's Monday ( actually almost Tuesday) and I have not posted since Friday! Yikes I have been busy! I am going to give it to you in list is what has happened since I left you last......................
  • My oldest son, Jett, had his first soccer practice Friday nght, so it was rush, rush, rush to get home and to the soccer fields by 6:00!!
  • Set alarm for 5:20AM on Saturday ( yes, you should be impressed), Got up and headed out solo with my new Brooks magnetic running light (review will come later!). I took water with me and left the bottle at the end of each culdesac and picked it up when I came back by. I also took 3 shot blocks about 35 minutes in. Overall, it was an okay run, tried some new shoes, not so sure I liked them, but FINISHED ALL 7 MILES!!! YAY!! Average pace=10:39, Total time= 1:14:43
  • Headed 2 1/2 hours north to Gainesville, FL right after my run,  for a full day of college football!! Go Gators!!! Luckily we had tickets in the box because it rained all day!!
  • Slept in on Sunday and then cleaned, laundry, ironed uniforms for kids school this week, cut coupons, went grocery shopping, went back to Sports Authority and returned the Nike's and got some other shoes........sending all three pair back this week that I got Friday via UPS, status on those..No, No and NOOOOO!! But the pair Ibought Sunday at Sports Authority.......I might have found a winner after 10 pair.... A couple more runs and I will let you know!!!
  • Today I took Shilo, my sweet little dog, back to the doggie opthamologist for his last 2 tests ($350) before his surgery next Monday ( $4000), talk about stress!! It was a combination of emotional and financial stress! But the good news is, they can correct his vision and for  the low low price $4000 ( I so want to throwup when I type that) he will see again! My pups will play catch and go running again! yay!!!
  • Had a bad headache all day but had to take Jett to practice, so I took advantage of the time and the field and ran 3 miles in my newest shoes....I ran on grass mostly so the jury is still out, but I think I have finally found a winner!!!
Sorry for the list, but as you can see, I have just been way too busy for blogging this weekend and I will be catching up on everyone's weekends very soon!!!

BTW great giveaways this week at Running and Living ( Chocolate #9 energy gel) and at Run Faster Mommy ( all kinds of nutrition products), so if you are looking to test some new nutrition products without spending all the money, head on over and check out their blogs! These are 2 amazing running mom's who are such a huge inspiration!!

Happy Running,


  1. My you've been a busy bee!!! Rock on girl for that 7 miler! That's your furthest to date right??? Congrats!

  2. Busy times! I have never run at soccer though!

  3. The shoe saga continues...once you find the pair you should buy multiple pairs :)

    Busy Busy!! 7 miles...AWESOME!

  4. 7 miles down -- how are your legs feeling? Get some rest, it sounds like you deserve it.


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