8 Miles and A Side of Mayo!!!

Well folks, I have been completely out of the loop! My last post was Friday and I have not even looked at a computer since then! I was in Jacksonville for my neice's 1st Birthday Party/Baptism and got home Sunday evening. A few hours after I got home, I started to feel as if I was hit by a very large truck and have been in bed ever since.......I will catch up on everyone's blogs in the next couple of days as I am feeling a bit better and headed to Oklahoma for a wedding this weekend and will  have some down time on my travels!!

The good news is........ I RAN 8 MILES ON SATURDAY!!!!

Can you even believe that I did it! We were staying at the Courtyard Marriot that is in the Mayo Clinic parking lot and I wasn't  too sure about the surrounding areas in this part of Jacksonville. I new it would be dark for the first part of my run so I took off to tour Mayo Clinic. The facility is BIG and Beautiful!! Let me tell you I toured every inch from Family Hospice to Shipping and Receiving, up and down empty parking lots, on sidewalks, etc. The good thing is that I was able to complete over 6 miles before I made it back to the place that I started and by then it was getting light outside. I decided to go out onto the main road and head down the sidewalk where I found a beauiful neighborhood that had sidewalks and a trail with a bridge and that my friends, is how I ended my run.

I had to stop about 6.50 miles in to stretch as I was getting very tight in my hips and buttocks ( very strange), but my legs felt great and my breathing was still slow and steady!!!

I got back to the hotel and took full advantage of the ice machine in the hallway. I used a publix reusable shopping bag and filled it to the max with ice and jumped in the tub for a quick soak before heading to my sister's for a full day of cooking and cake decorating!!

I missed my speedwork today because I missed work and was in bed most of the day but I am going to try to get a few runs in this week during my traveling and try not to over do it! It seems I've been doing a lot of that lately and my immune system is rebelling!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and start to your week, I will be catching up on everyone's blogs in the next couple of days!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Great Job on the 8 miles! I can't believe 6 of that was just exploring the Mayo Clinic Campus! I wanna work there, I would get all my exercise in just walking around!

  2. Very impressive job! It is so hard to stick to a running plan when you have life happening all around you! I can't believe you got 6 miles out of the Mayo Clinic tour! Awesome!

    Take care of your self! Feel better!!

  3. yayyyyyy congrats on a fabulous 8 miler! That is quite the accomplishment.
    I'm glad you were able to find a safe place to run in the dark, too.

  4. Great job Tobi!! Every new long distance that you hit is so exciting to read about. Keep up the great work.

  5. GEtting caught up too.. GREAT work on your 8 buddy!! Running around a building? "Buttocks" made me laugh..

    FYI I completed the Tag...sorta...I linked you and put up my 7..


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