Fartleks for Lunch, Well Done Please!!

Ahhhhhh Fartleks........ First of all this word just isn't right, I don't even like to write it. It rates up there with "moot", "caveat", or "dongle" ( dictionary says it is a security or copy protection device for programs that must be connected to an I/O port of the computer while the program is run.). There is a running joke in our neighborhood that all of my neighbor friends love my husbands "dongle" because he brings it over to fix their computers........funny!! I mean really, who really made up these words???

So today was my very first experience with fartleks and I decided to do my run at lunch time. I only had about 40 minutes and the goal was  approx. 4 miles with 6 X 1 min. fartleks with 2 minutes recoveries ( running, not stopped or walking). The problem is that I live in Florida, and at lunchtime today it was 90 degrees with 60% humidity. That is where the well done portion comes in. The fartleks themselves, not too hard to swallow, but the heat combined with the fartleks, not good at all. I will order the fartleks rare next time!!!!

I don't really have any stats for you but I think I did them correctly and gave it my all. The last 2 were very tough. I ran a 1.25 mile warmup and ended at 3.25 miles. Short of the 4 mile goal,  but I was running short on time and had to get back to work!!

I was also VERY HOT!!!!! I drank tons of water, sweated my a$$ off in the car because the air did not get cold until I pulled back into the work parking lot , and then I preceded to take a baby wipe bath ( no showers at work) and inhale my lunch at my desk before my boss ( who happens to my dad :0)) got back to work!! I felt great though! It was such a nice feeling to have my workout completed and be able to get home and spend time with my family!!

I look forward to more lunchtime running, if only it would feel like October in Florida sometime soon!!!!

Happy Running,


  1. It is the grossest word, right?! My kids love when I say it. ;)
    I kind of like doing them, but in the heat you had? No thanks. :)
    Great job on them!
    I'm cracking up at the baby wipe bath. :) I'm sure that's what I'll have to do this weekend and am SO not looking forward to it! :)

  2. Agreed I usually just call them intervals.

    So seriously...the 90% humidity at 6AM...I haven't even attempted running at any other time of day yet.

  3. You are CRAZY!!! I live in Fl and I would NEVER run around noon (actually not after 10 :)). So i am super impressed. Keep up the good work!

  4. You are ridiculous woman!!! I hate hate HATE being short on time...but then adding in HEAT and HUMIDITY????? Someone give this woman a hot fudge sunday!!! :)

    I am starting up training for a half marathon in Feb, a bit of a newbie to this crazy blogging world. But I can't wait to read all about your adventures! Nice to meet you!



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