Funkless Friday and other POSITIVE ramblings!!!

That's right bloggy world, it is F.R.I.D.A.Y. and I am officially funkless. I have gotten rid of the Negative Nancy attitude ( I even put on my big girl panties this morning so I could deal with it) and I am going to have a fantastic family Weekend..............................Was that convincing?? Cuz I'm really trying here!!!!

Here is what is in store for me and my family this weekend......................

Funkless and Fun Friday......I just realized that I have been in such a funk and feeling so bad these last few weeks, that we have done nothing at all to celebrate Fall or Halloween. So yesterday I cried my eyes out and then decided to pull it together and get over the injuries!! Life is not all about me.....I have a supportive and wonderful family to take care of and my poor boys need to have a blast this that, my friends, is what we will do!! Lot's of fun planned for the Nicholson Family!!!!!! Hubby is taking the boys to pick their pumpkins after school today and the carving session begins when we get home (Can't get pumpkins early in Florida - they rot fast in the heat!!!)

Red Ribbon Run - I said "run" , But not me, My boys!!!! Jett (9) and Jake(6) are running in their first official race tomorrow!!! Jett will run a 1 mile run and Jake will run a 1/2 mile! If they run, they get to attend a free Health Themed Carnival after and they are very excited!!  I am excited for them! I will not be running in the adult race so I will have plenty of opportunity to cheer them on and snap tons of pictures!! I can't wait!!!

Images, images, images.....Photos, photos, photos.....I will be taking tons of pictures this weekend, from the pumpkins we carve, to the Red Ribbon Run, to Halloween costumes and all of the fun we have this weekend....that way I can do a ton of  NON- running posts for you guys !! Everyone has been asking for more pics, so I am going to give it to you guys!!!!!! Ask and you shall receive my friends!!!

Did someone say Halloween????? My son Jake is 6 and has the most hilarious personality!! He has decided to be an inflatable Sumo Wrestler!! Hilarious!! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants when he tried it on. With the costume inflated, he is as wide as he is tall, he can't see his feet and when he runs, the built in blue thong wobbles left to right in the back and it is the funniest thing ever!!  Jett, my 9 year old will be Gene Simmons of KISS, a blast from the past,  and will be totally decked out as a rocker dude!!!! We will be trick-or-treating in my aunt's neighborhood with all of my cousins and family and it should be a to follow!!!

A  day of rest on Sunday.....I really just want to spend a day enjoying my husband and boys. Spending quality time at home, relaxing, playing in the yard and being a family.....I have been so caught up in running, work, and injuries that I think I am missing the big picture here. These injuries have really sparked something in me and made me realize that I was not being the best mom and wife I could be, I was being the best runner and blogger I could be.....I have work to do people, my family is going to get me back this here's to a totally fabulous non-running, family filled weekend that I couldn't be more excited about!!!!!

You! I will be thinking of all of you. All of my bloggy running friends who have been sooooo supportive! You have been with me since I started this running journey about 13 weeks ago and have stuck with me through my good and bad days! You have listened to me whine, offered me answers and suggestions, sent supportive and motivational comments and have been so caring and helpful!! Thank you soooooo much for everything!!! You are all being sent a BIG HUG!!!!!! I hope you all totally rock out your longs runs and Half Marathons ( Redhead and B.O.B, Mel - Tall Mom, Amanda -Run to Finish), I know you are all running races and I'm sure others are too - have a great time, run your best race, stay injury free.....and I'll catch up with you Sunday or Monday!!!!!!

Happy Halloween!! Happy Running!!!!!

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  1. seriously my running injuries have been some of the best things that happened to me. They made me step back and really look at life in a new way, good for you to have this weekend with the fam!! I really want to see this costume of his

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Sometimes crap happens but I really believe that it happens for a reason. Try to find what that reason is and capitalize on it. Have a great weekend!

  3. Yay! You are sounding much better! Have a fantastically fun weekend!

  4. Nice post - breast cancer photos ..Keep Posting

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  5. You know I know how hard it is to be injured and to not be able to run. But it really has given me time to reflect and step back and learn. I know both you and I will come back stronger and stronger!!!


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