I Did NOT Fall Off The Face of The Earth!!!

Hello all of my bloggy running friends! How I have missed you over the past few weeks. My blogging has been sporadic and my life has been extremely hectic!! I am back and here is what the schedule has in store for me this week.

Monday  - Rest/Easy 3 miles
Tuesday - 4m - and something about fartleks?? I'll be figuring this out by tomorrow :0)
Wednesday - XT/ 3miles
Thursday - 4 Miles
Friday - REST/XT
Saturday - 8.5 miles long run
Sunday - REST

I am finally healthy and feeling good except for some heel pain, but overall I am ready to rock this week's training. I have been so out of sorts for weeks on end! Between traveling and sickness, I am just ready to get back to it!!  7.5 weeks till my first Half Marathon!!!!!

I was able to get some running in while visiting family in Oklahoma City!

Hello 39 degrees!!! It was 39 degrees on my runs this weekend, a huge difference from the 93 degrees we've been having in Florida and a very welcome change!!!

I completed a 4.5 mile tempo run! Overall time was pretty fast for me ( pretty close to race pace!!)
Check it out!

1 mile warm up - 9:20 - whoops - pretty close to tempo pace!
1st tempo - 9:11
2nd tempo - 8:46
3rd tempo - 8:59
.5 mile cooldown - 9:17 - whoops -

Overall, I had a totally successful tempo run!! Yay!!

Also got in about 6 miles of my 7 mile long run, partly due to GPS issues and not knowing how far I had gone ( found out after, that I was a bit short) and also because I got the "poopy cramps" ( sorry if that is TMI) as B.o.B. calls them !! My stomach was going crazy and I thought I was pretty close to 7.0 miles....here are the stats!

6 miles/ total time 57.16/ 9.32 pace

Not too shabby!! I am starting to be able to do longer distances at a faster pace. My long runs are still on the schedule for 10:30-11:15 pace but I am finding that I can't make my body do that, the 9:00's are becoming comfortable for me!!!

I am back on track and plan to do plenty of posts this week and I think I am finally caught up on everyone's blogs! I did a few comments from my phone while away, but I will definately be better this week!!!!

Happy Running,


  1. the 9:00s may seem comfortable but you need to keep the long runs slower for now. Once we get a little closer to the race we can speed them up a little. Right now we are building the distance and making sure your body is not going to break down in the process.

  2. Welsome back. Glad to hear all is well. I too have not been bloggin much.


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