Ooh EEE, OOHH Aaa, Aaa, Ting Tang, Wally Wally Bing Bang......

Ahhhhhhh the witch doctor.........................

How did it go, you ask?? ( I'm gonna tell you even if you didn't ask, you know that? right?) Okay so I have to set this up a little bit........ The "doc's" name is Enrique.... So I am thinking middle aged, dark hair, dark skin, well built, with an accent...........Well, the accent was correct ( and that is the only thing). He was very short, very little, grey permed hair ( yes, people it was a tight perm!!!), late 50's early 60's maybe....... light skin and blue eyes......I was way off, a bit thrown for a loop, but who cares?? As long as he can fix me, right???
First off, it was painful!!! You know you are in bad shape when the "doc" says ( I put "doc" in quotes because I am not sure what he is....sign said alternative medicine, I think he is a massage therapist, and he did a few chiropractic moves???) ...."oh, you are out of alignment on 2 planes"......."oh, this is VERY bad"......... "You have been ignoring this problem for a very long time....yes?..."  Wow,....very bad..." ( remember, thick Spanish accent)

This continued for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, at which point I was near tears and he said I needed to come back in a week because the shoulder knots were so bad that they would take more than one session..........$80 a pop ......not too excited about going back.......

So I head to the parking lot and have a text from my running partner ...."How are you feeling? Last minute I know, but do you want to run 6 miles over at Lk. Howard?"....... Okay, I start to text back and she calls......I start to have a breakdown.....holding back tears, holding back tears, holding back tears....okay,  I'm okay........No running tonight at Lk. Howard....we talk a bit and then I'm alone in the car....what am I gonna do??? I am in so much pain right now..........( I am talking to myself in the car...I know, I'm crazy.......)

"Doc" says that he released a ligament in the knee and tells me " Walk fast on it tomorrow, then move up to a jog, if  it was the ligament that I released, then you should be able to run just fine, if not, you may need to go for an MRI......."   I keep focusing on this because I wanted to stay positive..... I can deal with the shoulder if I can just run, right???

So today, at lunchtime, I head to the local college track. It is a clay trail, even, and no hills. I walked fast for a mile, right side of entire body is still VERY sore and I think I am feeling a twinge in the knee but I am in total denial at this point....... finish 1 mile and start to jog slowly....get about .3 miles and the twinge gets unbearable again....I stop and use the rest of the mile to call the local Ortho (real doctor, not witch doctor), to set up appointment to get knee checked out. I was told by quite a few people that it would take a while to get in because he is the best,  but,  I guess luck was on my side because I have an appointment this Thursday morning!!!!!

So, please keep in your prayers that it is something that will heal quickly ( although alll the ice and stretching I've done in a week has done nothing) and I will get to run my Half Marathon on December 5th!!!!!

I am soooooooo sorry that I have been such a Negative Nancy, but this is my first injury and I am just not handling it well.......I just want to run, and I think I am on the verge of a total meltdown......So after work, I will head home to make Cottage Pie for dinner ( my first attempt ever) and then I will take a muscle relaxer and go to bed at 9:00 for the 4th night in a row.........Can someone put me out of my misery, and quick?????

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  1. OMG you poor thing. You are wise to call the doctor, at least you can get an answer once and for all. Still hoping it is nothing and that it resolves itself quickly. You lucked out getting an appt so soon. Sending healing vibes your way.

  2. POOR POOR girl.. That appointment sounds painful.. I know injury and I feel your pain...get better and get back but go easy on yourself.

    Hugs to mentioning the Giveaway!!

  3. Sorry to read this. :(

    Good luck on Thursday. Fingers crossed that it's nothing serious!

  4. Girl get it out, this is your punching bag...

    Make sure you are drinking a ton of water after that session. When you get a massage or beat down as it were, the toxins that have been stored up in your muscles get released and you need to flush them ASAP. My old roommate was a massage therapist so I speak with some knowlege. :)

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you girl!

    As for your Half, I have no doubt you'll be there and I will be cheering for you after I finish the 5k! :)

  5. I love that song when I was a kid. I sang it to my 9 year old and she thought I was crazy!

    Lots of water is key after treatment. And patience too...

  6. ohhh so sorry!! i was in mucho pain for 2 days after the witch doctor...but then ALL better

  7. Oh, that stinks! That's great that you can see the ortho tomorrow. Hope it goes well.


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