Tyrone Wells Rocks!!!

I'll start with the non-running part of my weekend! I went to a concert last night! Yes, a Sunday night concert and it was awesome. Tyrone Wells is from the West coast and is a really amazing singer/songwriter. He has several albums out but is just starting to gain recognition on a grander scale and I wanted everyone to hear him. He is a little bit of rock and soul and he has some amazing lyrics, very romantic!! Anyway, if you are interested, check out this you tube video of some of his newest work. A few songs from his newest album "Remain" have been in movie trailers and on the season premiere previews for Grey's Anatomy!!!
So I am draggin major butt at work this morning but it is soooooo worth it because the concert was awesome!!!
Check out Tyrone Wells HERE!

Now, since this IS a running blog, I'll have you all know that I ran 8.5 MILES yesterday!! My longest distance and time yet!!!
I kept it nice and slow, probably around 11:00 minute miles ( as instructed by my coach/mentor), but I felt great. Around 8 miles, I got a pretty bad twinge in the right knee that is still pretty painful today, but I am going to rest a bit today and see how it feels tomorrow! I hope it will be okay, as I really feel I am building my endurance nicely and I am scheduled to run my 1st 10K in less than 3 weeks and my first Half in 6.5 weeks!!!!

I hope all of my bloggy running friends had a great weekend, great races, and happy running.....now off to catch up on everyone's blogs from the weekend, that is what I get for staying out to late on a work night!!!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Getting out on a Sunday or weeknight still makes me feel like I'm being bad on a school night! : )

    Nice job on your long run!

  2. I love it...you keep going further and further. Time will go by FAST and your race will be here..

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend and big congrats on the 8.5!!

  4. YAY!! Great work on 8.5 miles - that's awesome! Your races will be here before you know it - and you will be rocking those runs!!

    I love new music - I am def checking out Tyrone Wells - thanks!! :-)

  5. Congrats on the 8.5 and thanks for the encouragement. The pain in your knee might have been from your shoes. I had bad knee pain after my 9 miles and everyone said it was a strained IT band but I changed shoes and haven't had any pain on my longer runs. My shoes didn't support my legs enough. Hope this helps :)

  6. That's awesome about your long run!! I think nice and slow runs are the best. So enjoyable! Hope you knee is ok. Strech and ice.. :) Famous words to live by. ;)

  7. Kudos to you runner girl! Glad you had such a bangin' weekend.

    Let the running countdown begin! Woot woot!

  8. Great job on your long run! Sounds like your weekend was super fun!


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