2 PR's and a Side of French Toast!!

Hello Bloggy World......
I am a tax accountant and that means that my crazy busy season is almost upon us!! Today I spent the entire day in a conference learning the new tax laws, riveting I'll tell ya!! I did not have access to check blogs or post so I am finally getting to my computer to update you on my fabulous weekend!!

Obviously with my injuries, I did not have any PR's this weekend, BUT I did get voted as the Top Spectator of All Times ( Don't be jealous, okay, maybe not of ALL times, actually , yes, of ALL times!! If I must say so myself!!)

I got to meet the fabulous and famous.......Red Head  and  Robin and they both totally rocked PR's in the Founders Day 10K race in Celebration, FL.  Robin claims she is as slow as a turtle but she left the turtles in the dust on this one and the Red Head ran so fast I missed her at the finish line.

I have an excuse though!! I left my house around 6:15 AM to head over and try to get a great parking spot at the 3 mile mark! They were not expecting me there and I thought that just in case they needed a boost of energy,  they would get it for sure when they saw these at the half way point.......

Oh yes, People, When I do something, I do it right! I wasn't worried that they would know who I was, I was just hoping I would be able to figure out who they were in the mass of people!! I knew what they were wearing and I was able to pick them both out without a problem and took some pics at mile three!! They both looked strong and ready to rock the second half!!!

Robin looked up from her watch to find me with my sign!! She was sooooo Surprised!!!

I have to admit that when I saw Morgan, I got so excited that the pictures I took of her coming by me ( she was yelling, weaving out of the crowd and waving both arms in true Red Head style) were totally messed up because I was yelling, jumping up and down, trying to take a picture and hold my sign!!! So I took this one when she wasn't looking and I actually love it!!!

So after I saw them at the 3 mile mark, I jumped in the car to head to the finish line and ran into road block #1, then #2,...and so on, I made it back just barely to see Robin cross and then I finally got to meet the two women who have been so crucial in my very short lived running "career" ( not sure it is a career when I haven't even run a 10K) but whatever!! They have emailed and checked in and made me feel better during the tough days and made me LMAO on other days! And let me just say, they were no different in person! I felt like I already knew them! We took these pics at the finish line......

After pics at the finish, we headed to Cracker Barrel for some yummy breakfast and much chit chat! We talked as if we had all known eachother forever. We chatted about everything from running and races to bras and boobies!!( Sorry Rick! Rick is Robin's hubby who so nicely changed his plans so that Robin could have breakfast with us and then had to edure our way to personal coversations...I think we made him blush a few times!! We really had a great time and started picking other races and breakfast places that we would like to experience together in the future! I really appreciate these two great ladies for letting me be a part of their race day!!

It was perfect weather and an overall great day!!! Yay for meet ups with bloggy friends!!!

Now I am off to try to catch up on how everyone else's weekend went! I have a ton of jewelry to make before Friday so my posting will probably scarce this week but I will keep up with you guys and stay tuned for a jewelry giveaway very soon!!!!!!
Happy Running,


  1. That was very sweet of you to make the signs and cheer them on. Even nicer that you got to meet tham and go to breakfast. Hopefully soon they will be cheering you on.

  2. That is SO COOL! I once saw a bloggy buddy at a race but she was so far ahead, I didn't get to say hi. I recognized her from her profile pic though.

  3. I LOVE your signs!! I wish someone would make a nice sign like that for me :)

    YOu look all clean and pretty next to the sweaty florida friends. LOL!! JK Morgan and Robin.

  4. You were the BEST SPECTATOR OF ALL TIME!!! :) Thank you so very, very much for coming out, it really meant so much and it was awesome to meet you in person. I can not wait to return the favor!!! I love bloggy meet-ups because it is like we already know each other and because we all share a common bond. Can't wait to meet up again, maybe for a run soon? Actually... one of my legs for Ragnar this week is running through Winter Haven!!!

  5. What a great blogger meet up! Looks like you were an awesome spectator.

  6. Sounds like you had an awesome time! I love being a spectator-I'm going to have to get more creative with my signs though! I doubt I will ever have a chance for a bloggy meetup where I live. Maybe in Boston!

  7. ohhh the fun times of being a tax accountant :)

    so fun you spectated!!! i LOVE to spectate races :)

  8. Yay! Nice signs! Sounds like a fun time :-)

  9. Tobi,

    You are a GEM! You truly are the BEST SPECTATOR OF ALL TIME!!!!!

    Had such a fun time w/ you guys, am so grateful for your enthusiasm and spirit, and LOOK FORWARD TO RETURNING THE SPECTATING FAVOR!!

    And I agree: felt like we had known each other forever. :-)

    Great pics and especially love that one of Morgan... beautiful shot!

    Rick says "thanks" - he got a kick out of all the girl talk.

    btw - I read your Friday post Monday morning, and tried to shoot off a quick comment, but w/ no luck. Technology hiccup on my end... darn! One of my soccer mom sisters does both healthy and not-so-healthy snacks for the little critters. Both seem to get eaten. Oh, and LOVE funions (funyuns?)... not sure how to spell the darn word, but love them anyway. LOL

    HUGS from Orlando..

  10. What a fun race! Congats to the runners and the awesome spectators!

  11. that is awesome you got to meet up with the other blogging runners, great photos! Looking forward to hearing more about your jewlery!


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