A Fantabulous Family Weekend!


First off,  I stayed true to my word and took pictures this weekend! So this post will be filled with pictures from my really fabulous weekend!! If you are not in for a long post, then you should know that the weekend was just what I needed and we had a blast!! ( there now you can hit the little red x at the top right corner, cuz there was no running to speak of here) If you are one of the one's who requested more pics, OR you are just interested in my crazy family filled weekend, then keep reading and get ready for lots of pictures!!! We had a great weekend and I reconnected with everyone after a few weeks of funk!! Yay! Maybe this injury turned out to be a blessing in disguise!!

Friday Night Pumpkin Carving!!!
Let's just say it is not a smart idea to wait until the day before Halloween to get a pumpkin to carve.....who knew that all of the pumpkin patches would be shut down. Me and the hubby, in separate cars, drove around for over an hour, only to find 1 pumpkin patch with about 15 pumpkins left - the goal, to get the least rotten one that could be carved! Totally gross, but I had to make up for my being a totally terrible mom over the last few weeks and I spent $5 bucks on a pumpkin that only had 1 rotten hole =score!!!
Here are the pics from our carving session - the boys loved pulling the "guts" out and left the carving to mom after picking a frankenstein template.........

The finished product!!!!


My boys, Jett(9) and Jake(6) ran in their first official races this weekend. Now a little background on this:

Jett: Loves to play sports but gets tired easily and will use every excuse in the book when he doesn't feel like running anymore........"my ankle hurts", "I have a pain in my side", "I ate too much", "I'm tired".....and the list goes on and on......so hubby and I were a bit worried that he would go out too fast and fizzle!! My bet in the high 9's and hubby said over 10 minutes .....he was running 1 mile.

Jake: Goes 100 miles an hour from the minute he wakes till the minute he falls asleep. There is no slow down button, only on and off. With him, we knew he would run the entire 1/2 mile as fast as he could and we were both thinking he'd come in in the 4-5 minute range ........UNTIL......DUH,DUH,DUH ( dramatic event music)......He falls out of the stadium seat waiting for his turn to run ( did I menetion that he NEVER sits still) and scrapes his arm pretty good.......Sweet lady next to us whips out a first aid kit with neosporin and bandaids!! We fix it up, but he is still whining and fussing when it is time for him to go line up so we are SURE he will not try and will whine and walk the entire 1/2 mile.

Results to come: Here are some pics to chronicle the morning!!

Jake: Arm is out and worried look ( what will he do??)

Here he comes!! He was toward the front of his age group and looking strong! We were so Proud!!!

Jett at take off - Not going out too fast and looking determined....Will they both suprise us???

Jett sprinting in to the finish......And looking strong......

Ohhhhh...The suspense!!!!

This is Jake - Total distance .5 Miles! Total time: 4:15 - He did awesome and totally forgot about his arm hurting!!!

Oh Yeah!! Jett - Total Distance: 1 Mile, Total time: 7:34!!!!

2 Proud boys with 2 proud parents!!! They did awesome! They won red ribbons, free happy meal coupons and got in free to the carnival!! At the carnival they got to jump in bouncy houses and collect some more coupons for free food! What a great first race!!!!! And they get to wear their cool race T-shirts to school Monday!!!

And the grand finally for the weekend.......

We were invited to spend Halloween in Isleworth in Orlando, FL. It is a fairly prestigious community where Tiger Woods and Shaquille Oneil live when they aren't off playing their respective sports.....pretty cool. Everyone trick-or-treats in decorated Golf Carts and my aunt is known for having the best one's every year!! We are all huge Florida Gator fans, so in celebration of the Butt Kicking over Georgia on Saturday here is her Halloween Golf Cart.....

Pretty awesome!! My aunt has such talent - she spent 4 solid days on this cart and I think the time paid off!! It was awesome!!!! Now most of my girl cousins went as Gator cheerleaders to fit the theme but my boys traded in the Tebow jerseys, post game watching party, for these hilarious costumes........

Jett Simmons!!!

Sumo Jake!

Off to trick-or-treat!! We even got to go to Shaq's house, the gates were open and his mom was handing out candy.....he has about a million cars......very cool!!!

That, my friends, ends the pictures and the post to prove my VERY FABULOUS WEEKEND!!!! Thank you everyone for supporting me through this injury.....I am so happy to have such support in the Bloggy world and such a great family at home!!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!!!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Cute pumpkin and great costumes. Love the sumo wrestlers. You have a beautiful family and yay to the boys for running. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. that golf cart is classic....

  3. What a weekend! That's crazy about no pumpkins!! I still find them everywhere. They look so cute! Their Halloween costumes are hilarious! I bet they had fun in them!

    They did awesome on their race! Man, I'm jealous of Jett's (love the name!) time! I would kill to run a mile in that. Good job boys!

  4. Your kids costumes are great! That's so funny that they hand out candy on golf carts. Did you meet any other famous people?

    Also, their times are amazing! Oh, how wonderful it would be to be young again!

  5. I love everything about this post. Jett and Jake kicked some major butt and their costumes totally rock!!! I love Halloween and am a fellow GATOR fan!!!! I'll be at the game this weekend. If you ain't a Gator...you're Gator Bait!!!!

  6. What a great weekend! Love the pics of J&J in the homestretch--so cute!


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