Finally F.R.I.D.A.Y. !!!!!!

Can't believe it is already F.R.I.D.A.Y. again. This has been an interesting week full of not so good news and worse news the weekend has got to be better than the week, right???

Here is what I have going on......

Family in town this weekend!! My wonderful sister and my sweet one year old neice are here from Jacksonville this weekend. I get to spend some really needed time with them which makes me ohhhh so happy!!

R eps, reps, reps - I have a ton of strength training to do on my right knee and need to get some exercise of some sort in this it won't be all play ( okay, well mostly)!!!

I n to town we go. So if you knew where I lived, you wouldn't be so excited....small town... BUT big night out planned. My mom bought us tickets to the Merry Market Girl's Night Out!! It is an event thrown by the Junior League ( so not me) that includes massages, Margaritas, food and holiday shopping under one roof....we even get free valet parking and our picture taken on the "pink carpet", How cute is that???? I'm just happy for a night out and quality girls time with mom and sis, sans kids!!! Yay!!!

D ay spent at the soccer field, again!! I actually love my Saturdays at the soccer field, and the bonus this weekend is that the weather is supposed to be spectacular!! High 60's/Low 70's - breezy and full of sunshine! I am hoping Jett is "feeling it" again this weekend because he was on fire his last game !! I am a proud soccer mom!!!!

A trip to mom's house to do a few loads of school uniforms in mom's washer!! Why, you ask??? Because as if learning that I have to have shoulder surgery, gaining two pounds, starting my period and strength training a bum knee wasn't enough for one week.....the washer broke! Repairman came to fix it, it didn't make the grinding sound while he was there, of course not!! Made it right after he left, part has been ordered, but can't come back till next Wednesday......lovely...lots of laundry building a big fat tower......Yay!!

Y ay! Why Yay?? I don't really know....Because it is the weekend, because I have an awesome husband, 2 hilarious and beautiful children, my sister and neice are in town, I get a girl's night out, ......and I have all of you out there supporting me! So Yay!!!!

Happy Running, No injuries, and Have a Spectacular weekend!!!!!!
Happy Running,


  1. FYI - Fall Fiesta at Lake Eola this weekend both Saturday & Sunday. Fun for the kiddies and lots of crafts! :)

    As if you didn't already have enough going on this weekend... I hope it's excellent and outshines your week!

  2. Hope you had a FANTASTIC weekend to help you forget about the not so good parts of last week.

  3. Hope your night out with family/girls was fun! Thanks for the inspiring words on my blog...inspiring anyone in any way is a great goal and seems like you've got it going on!! Thanks so much!

  4. That sounds like fun weekend plan. And it looks like it is sunny where you are, so a nice prelude to fall...


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