Hump Day!!

It's Wednesday, Hump Day, a Few Days Closer to Friday Day, Made it through Monday and Tuesday Day......You get the point!

I haven't blogged because life has been sending more curve balls than ever and the household has been a bit crazy this week! So to make it easier, here is a list of what's going on around here, in no particular order....If you are looking for a running the red  X in the top right cuz sistah's,  you won't find it here......If you are still with me, sit back and enjoy the nightmare that is my life right now........

1) No running, tons of strengthening exercises for the right knee and no change in the pain yet ( very frustrating), but on a happier note, I have a new best friend...Billy Blanks ( yes, Mr. TaeBo King himself), my husband was jealous of this new found friendship and wanted to meet him too. Monday morning, we both got up at 5:40AM to do 40 minutes of TaeBo before work!! Knee was a bit sore after, but overall, it felt good to actually sweat and get a workout in!! Was supposed to get up this morning, but Mr. Snooze beat me at my own game, so I'll have to meet up with Mr. Blanks after work!! Think he'll be waiting for me with dinner and drinks???

2) My oldest son (Thing 1) from now on,  got all A's and 1 B on his report card! ( Yay!) The little one ( Thing 2), got 2's??? WTF??? Not even sure what that means, along with the report cards were sign ups for parent/teacher conferences so I guess I'll find out what a 2 is soon........ As for the A's, do any of you reward your children for good grades?? If so, what do you do??? I used to get $1 per A, when I told hubby that, he said he got dinner on the table for his A's???? He thinks he's so funny.... seriously, does anyone reward with money still?? Has their been major inflation since my grade school days??? Or do you have any non-monetary ideas??( see #4 and you'll see why I ask)

3) Thing 2  was invited to play as a "guest player" in a few soccer tournaments coming in December and January. Pretty exciting since he didn't even play soccer this season and his coaches remembered him from last season. He is only 6, and there will be 6 kids on the team and they will play 3 on 3. Pretty cool, the January tourney is at Disney Wide World of Sports!!! I hope at this age he will enjoy it,  because it is an awesome opportunity to be on a competitive team at such an early age, Thing One hasn't even been given that opportunity yet and he has been playing for several years and is actually pretty darn good ( I may be biased, I am his mom you know!!)

4) Bills, Bills, Bills................If I get another bill in the mail, I may go into cardiac arrest ( no, really) !!My hubby came home from a $19.99 oil change with a receipt for $47.00 ( he needed an air filter??) and an estimate of over $700.00 for 4 new tires, a battery and an alignment............uggghhhh ( do your husbands do this???), We just paid $4000 for doggy eye surgery and Christmas is 44 days away..............I have a 6 and 9 year old, can you say expensive electronics???? What in the world am I gonna do????

5) My co-worker got the Sasser Worm Virus on her computer....I work for my dad, so the computer got sent home to my IT Hubby who has been working on it for 48 hours.................Sasser worm is a mean little stubborn booger according to my hubby ( he may have used more grown up words to describe it but I'll never tell:0) ) and that means that everytime said co worker needs to print something, I have to stop what I am doing to print for her ( can't she see I am VERY busy, I mean blogging at work is MUY IMPORTANTE!!!)....jk - we aren't too busy today!!!

So that's about it for today!

Shoulder surgery tentatively scheduled for December 11, unless they can get me in sooner....... Then I'll be out for a while!

I'll keep you posted!!

Happy Running,


  1. ha ha, sounds like another day in my household. Do your boys have an xbox yet? Prob not since they are young but holy cow, those games are expensive. Pair that with an xbox live subscrition and I've already told my 13 year old to not expect a lot of gifts to open on C'mas morning. No dog surgery here but we do get to spend $7,000 on braces and retainers. Yay me. Take care and glad you are getting your shoulder fixed.

  2. Oh good grief! Number 4 is a killer! I know, for me and the holidays, I'm on a special budget. I've held unnecessary spending to a limit so I can spend more for Christmas!

    As for the your hubby, I got dinner for good grades. Good grades we expected for my brother and I growing up. "Try your best" they would always say. If I was in a super hard advanced class, they didn't necessarily expect a certain grade, just that I tried my hardest. Never got monetary rewards and I ended up with an academic scholarship to college... Good grades pay off eventually! :) Although a trip to get ice cream for a good report card is NEVER a bad thing! ;)

  3. First off, LOVE Billy too although we haven't chilled in a while, too much running going on. Secondly, 2's are like C's(not sure if that's good or bad for you), we give out 2's if the kids are at grade level...but need a little push! We can't really tell the parents that they are like C's but I do think of them as such. Boo to bills but we've all got 'em...hang in there sista...I'm glad I didn't click on the x when you told me too. We're all in the same boat, life!!

  4. Good to know I am not the only one with a roller coaster of a life! Hang in there girlie!

  5. I can't comment about anything else on the blog because I am mid panic right now...did I really just read only 44 days until Christmas!?!? ACK!!

  6. Oh Tobi, such a life we lead, right?? OMG!!

    Real quick (I'm reading/commenting because we have no water this morning and I have time on my hands, but oh-so-late for work! LIFE HAPPENS, right?)

    Re: the boys - very cool about the soccer tourney for Thing 2 (have got 2 soccer star nephews, 8 and 4-love it!) Thing 1 will find his niche! :-)

    Bills?? I had to LOL because your hubby's car bills sound like mine, but I keep putting off the work... not good, I'm certain.

    Electronic stuff? See previous comment: two nephews! Really three - littlest guy is only 2 -my sisters are wondering how to make Christmas happen, too! Bless you, Moms! You guys are awesome!

    Glad to hear about Mr. Blanks and listening to your body (and docs). Doubtful @ dinner/drinks. Keep us posted re: surgery...thinking about you. Redhead and I will be running the 10K this weekend..I'm sure your name will come up w/ warm virtual hugs!

    As an educator, not digging the external rewards for grades, but parental units have to decide what works best....

    And finally, the worm. I might have that in my work computer(!). Been having problems w/ printer for 2 wks, and IT said yesterday, "You might have a virus." I thought he was on crack, but...he may be right?? Running Malware this morning - when I finally get there - water pressure returning as I write this..yay!

    Hang in there... and don't smack your co-worker (too hard!)...


  7. I found your blog and love it, thanks! I don't reward for good grades other than taking them out to dinner of their choice. I figure their job is to earn good grades and the reward should come from within. But everyone should do what works best for them!

    It's nice to know we are all about as busy as can be and still keep our sanity(almost). Hang in there!

  8. Ugh, I hear ya on the bills! All those unexpected things seem to come at once.

    I went through a total Billy stage. It's kinda fun -- may have to get back to it...


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