I am headed to RA!!!!

My name is Tobi and it has been over 2 weeks since my last real run...........
And so goes my addiction to running!!! I did not realize how totally addicted I am, but now my friends, I must tell you that I will have to hang up my running shoes for a few months.......................and welcome a new healthy addiction.......say.....strength training......pilates.....oh the options are endless with a bum knee and shoulder............................right???
I am figuring (doesn't take a rocket scientist on this one) that after 2 weeks of no running, a cortisone shot in the knee, and lots of ice and stretching, there has been no change in the knee or hip pain and if anything, it has become worse......."there's your sign"(yes, I'm from the South and I like me some Blue Collar Comedy).....I think my body is telling me something....................and I am listening this time.

So my first Half Marathon - The OUC Half  is off the books ( $50 down the drain) and I am officially going to be a spectator....................Oh yes, REDHEAD and TALLGUY ( my coach/mentor who never posts anymore!!) I will be there and I will be very obnoxious!!! Also, MRS ROBIN, I am hoping we can finally meet that day and hopefully you will cheer with me (unless you are planning to run??)!!!

As for a future addiction  plan.......I will need some suggestions from all of you fitness guru's out there....I need to build leg, butt and hip strength without a ton of lunges ( ouch on the knee) and I need to build upper body and core strength without a ton of pushups (ouch on the shoulder)........the challenge is on..............

As for blogging, you guys are not getting rid of me that easy!! I will still be blogging and exercising and a BUSY RUNNING MAMA ( just not in the literal since)!!!

Here are the new goals that I have jotted down so that I have focus for the end of 2009:

1) Come up with a new exercise and strength program and write it down ( Oh, and stick to it.....not turning into a blob before Christmas is the goal)

2) Continue to cook 3-4 nights a week for my family, but challenge myself to try at least 1 new recipe a week. I am going to focus on more fruits and veggies and less processed foods. We are all pretty healthy eaters, but we could use some fine tuning ( what do you mean, ice cream every night is not good for me???). Dinner at the table with our children almost every night is something me and hubby have always believed in.It gives us a chance to catch up and communicate with our children.  I sometimes get stuck in a rut of the same meals week after week, but I am going to try to keep adding recipes because I want my family to continue to experience new foods and tastes and continue to be good healthy eaters!!!

4) Give Back.....Hubby and I have been discussing this alot lately. We both agree that volunteering as a family would be something awesome for us to do. We want to teach our children the value of giving and selflessness early. At ages 6 and 9 , I think they are at a perfect age to understand the true meaning of giving to others. So, my search is on for family friendly volunteer opportunities that do not cost money, just blood, sweat, and tears.........any ideas????

5) Focus on the family. I am going to urge hubby and kids to join me in my new fitness routine, whatever it may be. We cannot afford a gym right now, so I will have to be creative. I am also challenging myself to come up with creative outings with the family that are budget friendly......( are you getting the jist...we are some kind of broke) We love to have fun and get out of the house so again....any ideas????

I'll  leave my goals for the next 2 months at 5 for now.....I may add more later!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Wish I had some advice for you!

    You have some great goals to keep you focused during the running hiatus. You will come back stronger than ever before!

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you are officially on the injured list girl! :(

    You are being smart and doing the right thing. YOu are going to heal up and come back better than ever with a whole artillery of knowledge on prevention too!

    Something you might consider doing regarding volunteering is volunteering for the OUC 5k/Half... Track Shack always needs volunteers! I'll shoot you the coordinator's email. I volunteered for a race I couldn't run when I was laid up and it was such a wonderful experience! Being on the "other side" of the water stop really gives you inspiration.

    I know Brighthouse has ondemand fitness channels and I'm also a big fan of Turbo Jam and I've also heard some great things about PX90 or whatever that is.

    Keep that chin up girl... Running will be waiting for you when you get well! See you at OUC! :)

  3. I know I really need to find a way to give back. I just haven't figured out what that means for me yet, thanks for the reminder.

  4. You poor thing, I ended up hurting my foot last month right after my half maraton. I feel for you! I'm focusing on building up my strength again. I highly recommend Chalean Extreme. I ended up losing a lot of weight with this program! It's the girl version of P90X. I usually spend close to 30-40 minutes each morning working out to the videos. Good luck!

  5. Your Goals are AMAZING! Have you thought about selling your race entry on Craigslist?? Or asking if they will let you delay it for a year? Would hate for you to totally lose out..

    Hang in there!! I know how hard you were working for this, but sounds like keeping busy will be your path to less frustration.


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