Taking the Good With The Bad

Good news first (cuz I'm staying positive, right??)......Although the knee pain has not gone away, the doc is very certain that I will not injure or hurt it by using it as much as I can ( except no running or biking for three weeks, minor detail ;0)) so..........................10 exercises, everyday, 3 sets of 10 of each for three weeks. Also, pilates, yoga, kickboxing, or any other exercise that is tolerable. After three weeks, he wants me to start running again. He said I will need to work through the pain and no more resting it!!!!! He thinks I will be running again in 4-5 weeks!! Not enough time to run my race, but the good news is that I will get back to running!!!! Yay!!!

Bad news, No Bueno, totally sucks, etc, etc,...................Shoulder MRI is back and I have a torn anterior labrum (SLAP TEAR) which is basically what pitchers get in their shoulders. I was told that if I have had pain and loss of motion for 3 years ( how long it has been since the original injury when I was told it was "just inflammation"),  that I basically will continue to have pain and loss of motion for the rest of my life. Although this is bad news, I am really glad to know that all of the pain and trouble I have had with my shoulder over the past three years is actually real and not "just inflammation". BTW, thanks for the misdiagnosis three years ago, doc in the box!!!
I was told today that there is very little chance of it getting better on it's own if it hasn't in 3 years and that it probably wouldn't get worse either ................basically, surgery is the only thing that will give my shoulder a chance to completely heal and for me to get full range of motion again with no pain. So, depending on the cost, I could be having surgery very soon - I figured why not do it now, while I can't run??? Also, I am an accountant so basically anytime between Jan15th and April 15th is out and by next April I hope to be back running and ready for a Half Marathon (Woot, woot!!)and will not want to stop for shoulder surgery so..................................I'll keep you posted ....

BTW, I've gained 2.5 lbs in two weeks of no running....I think that falls in the NO BUENO category!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Surgery time girl! Get it taken care of while you're laying low! And then it's back to pounding pavement you go with full range of motion in your shoulder should you need to dramatically give the middle finger to someone while running... or wave... whichever. :)

  2. man sorry about the shoulder news. My mom had an issue like that an got a cortisone shot which helped some then she did a lot of PT and in general it feels better...not perfect

  3. Hey Tobi,

    Glad to hear you're on the road to recovery w/ your knee. So sorry to hear about your shoulder, but at least now you KNOW what's going on and can take care of it.

    Get healthy, girl! And yes, a hurricane looms. Da**!

  4. Yes, No Bueno! I was going to suggest a lot of swimming until I got to paragraph two. Rest up, you will be back running before you know it :)

  5. ooof, sorry you have to have shoulder surgery, but like you said, it might work to your advantage to do it while your on a running break. Hope you heal soon!!


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