Good News, A ton of Pain, and a Fantastic Christmas!!

First, I'll tell you, I can't believe how I have missed the bloggy world. I just tried to do a little catching up, left a few comments and realize that I have missed reading about ( stalking) your lives...... So many of your are doing fantastic things......Heather ( Run Faster Mommy) is raising money for Cancer with an amazing raffle/giveaway ( if you go there and donate, tell her I sent you!!), Tall Mom is having bloggy meet ups and 15 mile runs, The Redhead is dressing up for her runs ( like a Christmas elf, so stinkin cute) and may be riding more cuz she scored an awesome new bike for Christmas, and Robin is not only running, but she is giving us tips for becoming greener in the New Year on her new foodie blog......

Everyone just seems so happy and so busy, doing things that they love!!
The last I wrote, I was a few days out of surgery and headed to my shoulder post-op appointment to find out about the knee..... Here is what has happened since then.....

1) Post-op on shoulder went well. It turns out I did not have a tear in my labrum, I had placation surgery... This is where they cut some of the labrum out, pleat it and sutcher it to make the entire shoulder joint tighter. Appears my shoulder was all loosy goosey and it needed to be tightened and aligned...... With this type of surgery, PT does not usually even start for 3-4 weeks.....Doc gave the go ahead to start in week 2 because I'm young ( yeah right) and I WAS having little pain and good healing... emphasis on WAS because my shoulder is killing me now that I have started PT.  The PT said that placation surgery/shoulder surgery rates at the very top for pain, along with total knee replacements and femur breaks....lovely.......... PT is a very slow process and they said that in 8-12 weeks I may be back to 90-100%, in 6 weeks I may be able to run.....yep you heard it....RUN ( ahhhhh, I love the sound of that word) !!!!!!!

2) So, the good news was on the knee.........NO SURGERY least for now. I have what they call Lateral Compression Syndrome. My knee cap is basically all jacked up and I will have to retrain my knee and surrounding muscles to try to get it to track on a straighter path. The problem is that on push off, when my toes are down, the knee cap slides laterally and pinches a part of the bursa which sends the shooting pain into my knee, once it starts pinching, the only way to get it to stop, is to stop running. After the pinching starts, it gets swollen and full of fluid and then I have knee pain for the rest of the day/days therafter. So, we will begin PT on the knee as soon as the shoulder is to a point where I can move it enough to do the exercises needed for the knee..... In other words, I am a mess.......................BUT PT said there is a slight possiblity that the knee AND shoulder could be ready to start running in about 6-8 weeks.............

3) I had a fantastic Christmas with the family. Really have been able to relax more since the surgery ( as I have no choice) and I find that I am enjoying taking a break sometimes!! I am one who never sits down, with two boys, a full time job, and several hobbies, I am always on the go, so this shoulder thing has been a very big awakening for me. It has taught me to slow down and enjoy life, my family and each day to it's fullest and not take things for granted!!! ( like hooking your own bra strap, carrying mutiple items at one time, opening jars, pulling up and buttoning your own pants.......)

4) I am sad to say that I got nothing running related for Christmas.................I think I was on a anti-run kick as the thought of running still depresses me at this point. I did however score 7 sessions of laser hair removal from my mom!!! SO EXCITED!!!! I have wanted this forever....seems odd, I know, but I am a hairy girl ( sorry, TMI) and I am going to get the mustache ( yes, those are supposed to be for men only) permenantly removed......................Yay!!!!!!!!! My hubby and I did not give eachother gifts this year, to save some money, but I got a few gift cards from mom, dad, and sis, and just really enjoyed spending the holiday at home with the people I love the most!!!!

5) I think my butt is growing................eating baked goods, playing Wii, and laying around is NOT conducive to staying in shape. With a bum knee and a bum arm, there is not too much you can do, and even if there were, I have been totally there you have it!!! Not even going to try any excuses here, for the first timein years ( like 15 years) I can say that I have been flat out lazy.......

6) Goal for next week and the new year.......pick my chin ( and fat butt up) and get moving.....Even if it is a slooooooowwwwwww walk with no arm movement.............Eat this knee and shoulder the right way and be out running in 6-8 weeks.........................Get through tax season ( yes, I am a tax accountant and I will work the next 3 1/2 months straight , 13 hour days, no days off AT ALL, and it will suck) , and run again in late spring..... let's say 5K in March or April???......that is the goal, help me stick to it, motivate me, I need you bloggy world!!!

I am done being absent, I am back in bloggy land, and I will try to find something to talk about for the next 6 weeks that will be worth reading....................
Happy Running,


  1. Welcome back friend!! Hair removal, awesome. The Bloggy world has been BUSY, wow oh wow!! I start Marathon training on the 9th.. I am sure your chin will be back in the game soon. HUGS!

  2. I'm so glad things are better than what they seemed and even though you still have a few more weeks to go, they will fly by with how busy work will be! Glad you had a fab Christmas! We've all missed you! I can't wait to come spectate that first 5k! Cheers to 2010 girl and starting it off with the right attitude!

  3. Great news Tobi about your knee. Running certainly forces us to take care of our bodies doesn't it? Good luck with the PT on your shoulder. The whole PT process suks and I hate it but whatever it takes to get healthy again. Glad to see you back!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas :)

  5. I would love laser hair removal! Brilliant gift. Funny how when you're really down and out that you start to appreciate the little things more. No worries on the laziness, get better soon!

  6. I hear you about the butt growing. My foot is still bothering but I did manage to run 5 miles today for the first time in months.

    I hope you start feel'n better!

  7. Welcome back to bloggyland! I missed you! Glad to hear surgery is behind you and you are on the mend. Enjoy the hair removal!

  8. ohh oh number 2, i had something similar and started doing leg lifts every night just watching tv and did lots of walking for a few months. everything is now stronger and no more issues...I have kept up the leg lifts!

  9. Tobi, my friend....

    So glad to see you're posting. We're missing you out here in bloggy land, but know that you're taking of yourself...yay!

    As for the butt: hmmm... what can I say? Leaving that topic alone - LOL! I'm sure mine grew a little from brownie bits these past two weeks! And the laser hair removal? LOVE IT! Facial hair is just sooooo well... lucky girl! (wouldn't mind hearing about that - off blog, maybe over lunch sometime??).

    Glad PT is in full swing - bummer that it's so miserable, but it's gotta work, right? Looking forward to your race comeback this year!

    Oh, and thanks for foodie shout-out... :-) LOVE to eat (and run!).

    500 Mile Club and Giveaway details are coming out as we speak....


  10. Hi,

    I had similar loose shoulder repair in September and am having issues with therapy. I'd love to talk to you about your therapy/recovery. My email is if you don't mind comparing results.


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