Shopping Online, Checking the Mail, and .....Not Running!!!

Hello bloggy world!! I know I haven't posted in a while and for good reason. Unless you are ultra interested in my hours of searching the net for the biggest and best deals I can find for Christmas this year ( the Nicholson Household is poor!!!) , my daily checking of the mail and front door for said purchases, my trips to the backyard every 1/2 hour to let out my new little girl Sophie, or my frantic running around to get through the end of soccer season, get the house decorated, shop and get everything wrapped before Decmber 11th ( Shoulder Surgery Day!!!!) , then I really would have had nothing else to post that you would be interested in cuz once again there has been no exercise or running going on here!!

Besides the 12 minute walk with dog and puppy up and down my street  each morning ( a total of .4 miles) , I have done no exercise at all in like 5 weeks..............None, Zip, Zilch, Nada................and I'm back to being bummed about it. My shoulder has been killing me lately and I still, after 5 weeks, cannot run more than .5 miles without MAJOR knee pain.  I called the doc again today to see if they will do an MRI on the knee because I have only had xrays and it is still not better after 5 weeks of rest and leg strengthening exercises.....................

I was feeling good for a while and trying to stay positive. Using my extra time to focus on the house and the family but I'm getting bummed again. I don't know if it is because my first Half Marathon was supposed to be this coming Saturday and I put in 14 weeks of training before my injury, or if it is because I am 9 days away from shoulder surgery and I've never been under the knife, or if it is just how bad my body feels and how out of shape I feel after 5 weeks of NO exercise, but I hate it and I am officially down in the dumps again. This, my friends, is why I have not been blogging. I have been keeping up with your posts and commenting here and there, but I just don't know what to post about and when I read or try to write about running, I get depressed.......I apologize for my absence, I am awaiting a call back from the ortho doc on the knee issue to figure out what the next step is, until then, my posts will be sparse unless you guys inform me that you want to hear of my latest bargain or deal or my latest trip to the backyard with Sophie!!!

Hope you are all having a great week.....................................
Happy Running,


  1. Good luck with the shoulder surgery!!

  2. I feel the same way. Now that I am injured again I don't have anything to post about and I HATE it. Definitely push for the MRI, obviously something isn't right if after 5 weeks you are still in pain. This totally sucks for us.

  3. Keep your spirits up! I can't wait until you start running again!

  4. Girl, my household is poor too! One full-time worker, and one full-time law student will do that to you. YES - I want to hear about your bargains!!

    I totally know the feeling of not being able to work out and feeling incomplete. Hang in there. I hope your surgery goes well. Please update us! :)

  5. Just checking to see how your shoulder surgery went :)


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