Shoulder Surgery....

Hello bloggy world, I have missed you guys more than you know!!!
Shoulder surgery went as planned on Friday, not the worst case scenario or the best. Turns out that my whole shoulder joint was very loose, the labrum was stretched out so the ortho "pleated and sutchered " it to tighten it back up, realigned the shoulder and left me in an immobilizer that straps my wrist to my belly, my arm to my side and the whole thing wraps around my waist........very to come.

I can't lift from the shoulder at all, neither up or out, I can only move my arm from the elbow joint. SAturday was the worst day,  but still only took 3 Percocet all day. Saturday and Sunday I was able to get up and around a bit more and only took 3, 600mg Ibuprofen each day. Yesterday was my first day back to work, and I only took 2 Ibuprofen!! Today I have not taken anything for pain and each day is getting better and better.

I'd have to say that frustration has been my biggest issue! I had a total meltdown over not being able to open the plastic on the frozen pancake pkg......, I have to go to work with wet hair and "left handed makeup", can't pluck my eyebrows, and it takes me forever to do everything......I am such a control freak, such a go getter and I NEVER sit down......let's just say that this little surgery has opened my eyes.....and according to all of my friends and was "God's little way of telling me to SLOW DOWN and take it easy......

So thanks to all of you for checking on me , I am hanging in there and doc told hubby that he expects me to be at 100% in about 4 months if I follow all directions to a tee........1 minor detail, I get the results of last week's MRI on my right knee, at tomorrow's post-op shoulder appt.......if he says surgery is needed, I might have a total breakdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Running,


  1. I hope you have a speedy recovery! I understand your frustration at not being able to do everything you want, I've broken my leg twice and both times I went crazy just sitting around!

    Happy Holiday's!

  2. Glad the surgery is behind you, now on to a speedy recovery!

  3. Oh Tobi, I hope all goes well. I totally understand about only having one arm that works. I broke my left wrist a few years ago and it totally sucked because I'm left handed. I showered at night and flat ironed my hair too so I wouldn't have to spend the time in the mornings. I had to ask for a lot of help because I couldn't so the most basic jars, tie my shoes, zip zippers , umm, hook my bra lol yadda yadda.

    Now that I'm in a boot and getting around is difficult I have to ask for help AGAIN. Totally hate it but time will go by quickly.

    Best wishes and good vibes to you. Heal well and 2010 will be OUR year.

  4. Here's to a speedy recovery and I will keep my fingers crossed that all will be well with the knee! Thanks for giving us an update! I've been thinking about you!!!

  5. yikes i hope everything goes well!!! sending you speeeeeeeeedy recovery vibes!

  6. Hope the recovery goes well and that you DO NOT need surgery on the knee! Yikers!

  7. aww i feel you on the frustration, I like to do things for myself so I'd be all nutty too. I hope though it heels fast and you are all feeling super soon

  8. Tobi,

    Have been thinking about you lots lately, wondering how you're doing. Glad to hear shoulder surgery is behind you, but also wondering about your knee. Sending you bloggy hugs and good vibes!

    The OUC 1/2 was just a messy day... crappy weather. Wasn't meant to be your day, girl. YOURS will come in 2010!

    Enjoy time w/ your family, friends, and Sophie. :-) Keep us posted!



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