476,........Seriously People???

I have 476 posts in my google reader, I guess that means I am officially behind, I mean totally in the weeds, may never catch up, have no clue what is going on in any of your lives, .....behind.

I probably have 476 excuses as to why I may be that far behind, but I'll try not to bore with you the details, just think.....75 hour work weeks, 7 days a week, no days off ( not even Sunday), leave in the dark....come home in the dark, 2 days of PT each week with at home exercises everyday, 9 year old studying for the FCAT, husband who needs attention, and 2 dogs........okay so I bored you with details ........but I feel better now! This is my life from Jan 1 to April 15th, so deal with it people!! Posts will be few and far between, My google reader may explode at some point and I may not ever catch up on your lives, but I am thinking about you!!! Really I am, in all of my free time!!!

A quick update on the shoulder and knee and then I am off to grab my Healthy Choice meal ( so gross, but I left my leftover Sheperd's Pie at home and I have to rely on my backup stash) out of the microwave so that I can inhale it and get back to my work so that I might find the surface of my desk before the end of the day !!

Shoulder - I feel like I might have finally hit a turning point in therapy. The first 5 weeks was miserable!! Basically a boat load of pain and not too much movement at all. This last week the pain has decreased a ton ( still not even near pain free though) and I am starting to get some movement......don't get me wrong, I still have a long way to go!!! They say at 6 months out, I should be back to close to 100%, yes 6 months, and I am at 6 weeks.....ugghhhhh!!!

Knee - We haven't even addressed the knee yet as far as therapy goes, I have finally been able to get back out and start walking again. I walked 2 miles, twice this week. Still having pain in the knee but it is bearable when walking fast but I look hilarious because I can't fully swing my right arm yet .
*** I don't look as funny as the lady I saw drunk walking at the trail yesterday at lunchtime though.....maybe someone told her to "walk it off" but she was totally swerving all over the sidewalk with a dazed look on her face, she even stepped off the side walk several times and lost her balance....weird......*****

So that is it on me! I soooooo want to be back out their running, the weather in Florida is sunny and mid 70's this week, so perfect for running, but at this point, one can only dream!!! Happy running to all my bloggy friends and maybe I'll try to send a few of you a comment over the weekend, if I ever get caught up!!!

Love to all!!!
Happy Running,


  1. OMG, so glad I am not an accountant. No worries about the Google reader.

    Sounds like you hopefully reached in turning point in your therapy. I hope so.

    The weather in FL sounds wonderful! I can't wait for spring.

  2. So glad I inspired you to check in! :)

    Every step is a step closer to recovery. Take it easy and enjoy the sun!


  3. Missing you girl, but glad to hear you're alive and kicking. I'll keep sending good vibes your way during this awful season of yours, and just know we're thinking 'bout ya'! :-) Glad to hear the shoulder is doing a little better. I recently learned that I have 'impingement syndrome' in mine... and will ask for the cortisone shot instead of PT, thank you very much! As for the Reader, just hit delete. We'll still be here after April 15th. No stress. No worries.


  4. Wow sounds like a lady you want to AVOID. Good luck with the long hours and recovering from injury. Cant wait to have you BACK in bloggy land.

  5. Hope you can find a minute to catch your breathe this weekend!

    I co-authored a book called Run Like a Mother, coming out March 23. I’d love to have publicist send you a copy for possible review. Could you please email me your mailing address (pls. include your blog name as well) at bowenshea [at] gmail? Thanks!

  6. :) We have been having lovely weather lately. I'm in Florida too, what part are you in?


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