Fishin in the Backyard...............And I don't live on the water!!!

Another non-running post..........because that is how I roll ( literally) because I can't run, I roll,  in the car, with the heater on, cuz it's cold in FL ya'll. Yep, I said it........It's cold in Florida!!!! I won't complain a ton because I know you northerners are freezing your arses off right now BUT I have to say that a full week with lows in the mid 20's, a bit of sleet and in some places in central FL a tiny bit of snow ( totally has never happened in central Florida in my entire 34 years in this state, and frozen pipes 3 mornings in the last week causes this little old Florida girl to complain just a tad.......

Now, I'm sure you are wondering about the fishin!! Well, see Florida fish are not too used to these cold temps. So if they live in very shallow neighborhood retention ponds and can't go deep to get warmer ( or walk over to a deeper pond) , they DIE!!!! Well when a boat load of fish die, guess what happens????? A boat load of birds decide that they love said neighborhood and they pay said neighborhood a visit. With the increased number of birds, there becomes a need for more trees to perch in so that they can chow down on their easy catch.......that brings us to a very tall pine in my back yard!! They are bringing the dead fish to my pine tree, then dropping the fish and all of their pecked at parts all over my backyard!! Well, guess who let's her dogs out to play and potty in that same fenced in backyard??? Yep, little old me!!! So now, I have to go fishin in the backyard first,  because I am terrified that my dogs are going to get bones in their intestines/stomachs and die.................such a pain in my you know what!!!!!!

On to other things,
  • I spent 14 hours last weekend cooking freezer meals for my family to eat during tax season. I do this several times a year to try to help my sweet hubby out when he becomes a single parent between January 15th and April 15th!! I made some great meals such as Cream Cheese Chicken, Black Bean chicken chili, Chunky Beef, Beer and Black Bean chili, Shepard's Pie, Lasagna, Blondies, and a variety of breakfast breads and muffins....................Everything I made just gets thawed over night and then popped in the oven or crock pot the next day!!! Makes it a ton easier for hubby to still make dinner and sit at the table with the boys!!!
  • I WON!!!! I won the great running swag giveaway from Robin over at Running Circles Around the Turtles. She has a great running blog and a newly restarted foodie blog so check her out!! Thanks Robin, I can't wait for all of my great goodies!!!!
  • Tax season is already in full swing and I am crazy busy at the office.....uugghh!! I will do my best to post once a week on my lunch break, but otherwise I am working non-stop, 7 days a week for 12-15 hours a day until April 15th! Wish me luck that I get through another year ( and wish my hubby luck - he is a great hubby!!!)
  • Update on the shoulder/knee. Rehab is going very slowly and I have had a huge amount of pain this week. I go back to my docter on the 19th so I will give you the update next week. I have PT once a week right now and I am diligently doing my at home exercises daily.  My range of motion is increasing VERY SLOWLY, which is what they want, but I am going soooooooo crazy!!!!
That's all for now!! Hope everyone is doing well. I read all of the Disney recaps and wanted to send a big Congrat's for everyone who ran! Those Fl temps weren't so nice to ya'll!!!
Also, I am trying to keep up with all the new posts in my reader but will not be able to send a ton of comments due to time restraints! I am out here and keepin up with ya though,  so don't think I don't care anymore, I do! I promise!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Good luck during tax season! All the meals you made sound great. You'll have to share your cream cheese chicken recipe. I think it is very sweet that you cooked all that food.

  2. That is fricking hilarious about the fish/birds! I mean not that it's funny for you but it's a funny situation over all. I can not believe this crazy weather we're having! Hades has frozen over!!!

    Keep up the rehab and get better soon!!!

  3. I love how you do all that cooking in advance of tax season!!


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