Goals, Goals, Goals!!!

I have spent the better part of the morning trying to catch up on over 100 posts that you busy little bloggers have put in over the weekend and I have to say that you are all great record keepers with tons of great photos to track your 2009........you will not find that here..............I am doing good to post once a week with one hand on the keyboard.........So here goes:

  • Completed 4-5K's with a PR of 27:01, 1- 4 mile race, intentions for a 10K and 1/2 marathon were halted with a knee injury......
  • Trained for a Half Marathon with a long run of  8.5 miles. Not too shabby because when I started in May, 3-4 miles was still VERY tough for me!!!
  • Started this blog and have enjoyed meeting and learning about so many other runners......
  • That is about it.....how boring is that.......Hopefully next year will be a bit more exciting!!!
Based on that sad year, we decided to hold a family meeting ( much to the kid's dismay). We grabbed some hot chocolate, started a fire in the fireplace, and gathered around the dining room table to get started.

First on the list,  starting the kid's "chore charts" again. These are cute little charts that hold Thing 1 and Thing 2 accountable for some responsibility around keeping the house picked up. They wanted their chores to include taking a shower every night and brushing their teeth.....helloooooo....noooooooo.... I told them that chores do not include personal hygeine, that is just a given,  and what we do everyday no matter what!! Such boys!! We set up a $5 reward for doing chores all week, an allowance per say, and for every $20 they put in their saving accounts, My hubby and I will add $5. Encouragement to save some money, rather than to spend every penny on toys, candy, etc...... We will see how that goes.

Next, setting "individual" and "family" goals:

Thing 1's self proclaimed goals for 2010:
  • Play Little League Tackle Football - He has begging us for several years, at age 9, I think we are finally gonna give in.
  • Make straight A's on his next report card. He made all A's and a B last grading period.....
  • Read book 2 and 3 of the Mysterious Benedict Society series. This is a big goal because these are 5-6th grade level books with over 500 pages and very small print. A lofty goal for a 9 year old/ 4th grader, but he loves to read and we encourage it!!!!
  • Be more respectful!! He so needs this goal. He is my child who isn't quite sure when to be quiet, he argues for the sake of arguing and talks back. We are working on his mouthiness and his manners so this is a perfect goal for him.
Thing 2's self proclaimed goals for 2010:
( This was much harder than we thought, 6 year olds aren't good at setting goals.....trading Pokemon cards was top on his list....HaHa!!)
  • Mom and Dad came up with his one and only goal :  Less Whining/Crying........yeah right.....
2010 Nicholson Family Goals:
  • BE MORE POSITIVE AND MORE PATIENT. I am miss positivity at our house ( scary , huh??) My husband always sees the negative and expects the negative in every situation and we are starting to see this trait in Thing 1. So our entire family has agreed to make positivity a #1 priority in our household!!!
  • Have 1 at home movie night per month as a family.
  • Have 1 Drive-in movie night per month with the family ( only cost $10 for the whole family and they play first run movies!!)
  • Have one multi-family get together each month that will include other adults and their children!! Can you say Potluck, Wii, Guitar Hero, board games.........FUN!!!!
  • Treat eachother with more respect, Be nice to eachother, and less yelling in the house!!!!!
Sorry that I had bore you with NON-running stuff, but if you are still around and reading, here are my personal goals for 2010:

2010 busyrunningmama personal goals:
  • 1st priority - rehab the shoulder and the knee and start running in 6 weeks - can't wait for mid- February!!
  • Focus on 5K's and 10k's to get back in running shape and try to PR in a 5K this year.
  • Would love to run the OUC Half Marathon this year after missing it due to injury in 2009.
  • Be a better mom during tax season.....I am a tax accounatant and will spend the next 3 1/2 months working 13 hour days/ 7 days a week. This always leaves very little time for my family and when I am home, I am usually exausted and grumpy. I plan to really give more of an effort to make my time at home POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE, and filled with quality family time. They deserve it. I will try to eat better, get enough sleep, and take care of myself so that I can give them a better 3 1/2 months this year.
  • Spend more time with Hubby......we have some relationship goals written down.....no details here, but I am sure you can figure out what they might entail.....#1 is at least 1 date night per month......oh, you guys are terrible, your minds were totally in the gutter.......
  • Hubby and I are trying to get to a point of living on a cash only basis. If we can't pay cash, we wont buy it. Our goal is to pay off the credit card entirely, have more money in savings and pay for everything with cash this year.... lofty but doable goal, no more details needed, we know what we have to do.......Now, just pray for no major surprises like $2100 braces, $4000 eye surgery for Mutt#1, $3000 fenced in yard for Mutt#1, etc.........
  • A Healthier and Happier me......exercise, running, cross training, eating right......and the list goes on!!!
Okay, that's it.....Now I have to stick to it, that's the hardest part. If you are all still here, don't forget to enter these fabulous giveaways, and as I promised before Christmas, I'll be doing a handmade jewelry giveaway VERY soon!!!

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Happy Running,


  1. Great goals! I love that you had a family meeting :-)

    Happy new year!

  2. I love all your goals...and nothing wrong with Pokemon trading cards as a goal :). A VERY Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope 2010 brings nothing but happy, injury-free miles to you, too!

  3. Great goals!! Happy New year!

  4. I love how your kids made goals too! I would love it if the only goal I could think of was trading pokemon cards! I love the goal of having a movie night; that's so adorable!
    Good luck in 2010!

  5. I love how you have family & individual goals. So organized! Happy new year & I wish you the best with all your goals!!!

  6. I haven't read your blog in ages, it's nice being back! I LOVE your cash only goal. Sadly, that would take us...hmmm...a long time just to get to where you are. Congrats and good luck!

  7. Yay! New year, new goals... love that(!), especially Thing 2's... awesome to be 6, isn't it?!

    Re: $$... Tobi, have you read any of Dave Ramsey's stuff? A friend/coworker swears by him & his strategies. She and her husband (and 3 growing kids) have been doing the cash only plan for a few yrs now, and convinced me to consider reading Dave's book. (He has many, but I'm starting at the beginning.) :-)

    Hugs to you, friend! I look forward to running w/ you one of these days, when you're back out there. Thanks for giveaway mention... getting lots of great comments/feedback, and have been writing lots of posts in my head as a result (oh, and buying more stuff to put in each!)... I don't think that would fit into D. Ramsey's plan. LOL

    Now, I'm off to reply to these many folks AND find your giveaway tool that you used (in previous post).


  8. that's great your whole family has goals! Hope you get rehabbed fast so you can get back in the running saddle soon!!

  9. Hey, I think you're doing really well to write a wrap-up post and get down all your goals for the coming year! I didn't even get a wrap up post done, and I have no thing 1 or thing 2 excuses. :) I agree that it's nice your whole family creates goals together - that will make them easier to accomplish. :)

  10. I just found your blog. It's fantastic. Good luck with your 2010 goals!

  11. Hand made jewelry.. Good luck the next few months buddy!!

  12. That's a lot of goals!! Good ones though:)


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