Off to Take a Nap.....

Hello out there in bloggy land.................I am still alive, barely, but I am.
I just inhaled random bits of leftovers that I grabbed out of the frideg, in the dark, on my way out the door to work at 6:20 AM this morning and now I am going to go lay on an exercise mat in the back office for a quick 30 minute snooz....I am exaughsted!

I leave the house in the dark and come home in the dark, no time for blogging, posting or reading, and no time for much of anything else.......

Shoulder is making progress but probably only at about 60-65% with much therapy to go. I am 10 weeks out and they said maybe 100% at 6 months , oh yeah, did I mention I have to fit PT in 2 days a week and at home on the other days! I am a rehab on the knee yet.

Tried the elliptical (after dusting it off) a few weeks ago, the first day was okay and it felt soooooo good to sweat after no exercising since October ( can you even believe it has been that long??) , but by day number 2 the knee was killing me again.

Follow up appt at the Ortho yesterday, they are happy with the slow progress on the shoulder and really are encouraging my PT to start on my knee rehab ( yay!) so maybe I will be out there doing something again soon....only time will tell!

Hope you are all well !!

Oh yeah, I am in a wedding in a week and a half and guess what??, I get 4 days off, during tax season, and get to go to Vegas with my sweet hubby with no kids! Soooooooooooooooooo excited! Never been to Vegas and never had a day off ( not even one) during tax season in the last three years!! Can't wait. Will post pics after the trip!!!
Happy Running,


  1. Tobi,
    By now, you guys have come and returned from the Vegas wedding (that has a certain sound to it, doesn't it??). Hope you had a GREAT time!! Think of you often, wondering how you're doing - in tax season and with your PT. Take care, girl! HUGS!!!

  2. Hey friend!
    Saw a message from you a few weeks(?) ago?? and wanted to stop by and say hi. How are you? How are you feeling? Survived tax season, right? Miss ya'!



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